lulugirlWe’re currently working on the March issue of LA YOGA and one of the stories being included is yogis and their dogs.
We’d love to hear from you!
This is a call for Submission of photos of any of the following:
You and your dog practicing yoga together.
Your dog practicing yoga.

Super cute dog portraits.
Awesome photos of you and your dog.
We have plans for showcasing a selection of cool images in the upcoming issue and we want to hear from the community.
Here’s what we need:
Images at least 300 dpi (ideally at least 5 MB in file size)
Label the photo with the name of the person, photographer and dog.
Send emails to: [email protected]
While we love cats, rabbits, horses, and more, for this issue, we’re focusing on dogs, so please send us your favorite images of your canine companions.
Please send us any images by February 2, 2015…and share this call for submissions with your fellow yogis and yoginis.
We reserve the right to use images in print, on the website, and on social media and will print images based on our discretion.
Feel free to write [email protected] with any questions.