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Intimacy and Authenticity

“Intimacy is at the core of most of our desires,” expresses Jennelle Gordon.

If we are wired for connection, why is it that so many of us have learned patterns that keep us from fully connecting to ourselves and others in the most authentic way possible?

What is Intimacy and Why We Need It

True intimacy means that we are honest, embodying and expressing all of who we are. When we get comfortable being intimate, we can connect with someone at the deeper levels emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Through intimacy with ourselves, we can build romantic, platonic, familial, and professional relationships that thrive.

Most of us want to be seen, heard, and free to be ourselves at the most genuine levels. By giving ourselves the permission to let down the blocks we have built up, we open ourselves to authentic connection and inspire others to do the same.
Taking the time to understand ourselves, reveal who we are at our essence, and recreate from a place of wholeness helps us enrich every area of our lives, especially our relationships.

Intimacy through Connecting to Self and Life

We all need ‘connection’ to self and life to thrive in life. Many of us have experienced some form of shame, difficulty in relationships, trauma, dissociation, and a vast array of things that keep us from expressing our most authentic selves in life. We can have fulfilling intimate relationships by reconnecting with ourselves, learning to uncover the truth of who we are under those layers, and learning the practice of conscious connection.

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Shiva, Shakti, and the Principles of Polarity

In yogic philosophy, the divine masculine energy is called ‘Shiva,’ and the divine feminine energy is called ‘Shakti.’ Shiva and Shakti are the forces that create everything in the universe. All humans have both Shiva and Shakti energies within them, and the way we embody them is unique to everyone. By understanding these energies, balancing them, and learning to work with these energetic forces, we begin to master intimacy and ultimately create our lives in union with the divine. One of the foundational aspects of attraction, creation, manifestation, and relationships is the principle of polarity.

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Keith Mitchell and Jennelle Gordon: Guides for Cultivating Intimacy

Jennelle Gordon and Keith Mitchell have developed programs and retreats that help individuals create self-love, intimacy, healing, and authentic expression in their lives. Their journeys, life stories, and passions have led them to help others form deep, meaningful relationships that enrich their lives and propel them into a level of fulfillment beyond what was currently imagined.

Teacher and Healer Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell is someone who has consistently strived for excellence and achievement in all areas of his life. As a former NFL player, he became great at understanding how to push himself and accomplish goals. Yet, his life’s trajectory changed after experiencing an injury as a linebacker that left him in the hospital. This life-altering experience led him back to the root of yoga, his breath. He was able to heal himself with yoga, mindfulness practices, and conscious breathing. The power of these practices guided him to become a yoga teacher and the path of tantra. When he was in the NFL, he realized he disassociated from his body, had walled up to maintain hyper-masculine ideals, and even learned to disconnect from feeling. After his transformation and realization, he studied with leading Tantra teachers, including Psalm Isadora, Shasha Cobra, and others worldwide.

Teacher and Healer Jennelle Gordon

Jennelle Gordon is an inspirational holistic healer with expertise in helping others improve their intimacy in their lives. Her life’s path is a beautiful example of how holistic practices and reconnecting to oneself is the way to heal and regain a sense of freedom in life. She grew up as a product of the foster system, went into an extremist, religiously oppressive household, and experienced many forms of abuse until she could leave home. This trauma put her in a situation where a pimp forced her to become a product of human trafficking for a decade. Jennelle’s powerful healing story began when she decided to take charge of her life and create her own destiny. She was able to fake her death and then escape to a secluded area in Thailand, where she then immersed herself in a learning and healing journey of becoming an expert in the yogic path of tantra.

Jennelle had been practicing yoga before this to help with back injuries and help to give her relief from anxiety. Although, her love of yoga deepened with the tantra training that allowed her to reconnect with herself and begin a new life. Through her tantra training, she was able to transmute so much of the pain she had been through, including taking on beliefs of shame, dogma, and dissociation from herself. She then developed many practices that help her teach others to bring more pleasure, connection, freedom, and greater intimacy to their lives. Jennelle’s path, training, and experience make her an expert teacher in helping others recreate their relationship with themselves, others, and life.

Holistic Modalities and Transformational Guides

Both Keith and Jennelle exemplify the effectiveness of using holistic modalities and the tantric path to heal and empower others. Together, their in-depth understanding of healing, mindfully relating to others and intimacy helps create lasting transformation in their clients’, students’, and retreat guests’ lives regardless of their stories or backgrounds.

Keith and Jennelle offer complementary energy as co-creators and master teachers. Their students experience the depth, heights, wisdom, presence, liberation, healing, love, and everything these two have spent years cultivating to share with others. Like many people in the present-day world, Jennelle and Keith met online. The platform: LinkedIn. After connecting, they collaborated to host live events at exclusive resorts and exotic locations around the world. The Intimacy Mastery Retreat launched at the peak of covid in 2020 and sold out. They have since hosted multiple of these retreats and developed an advanced-level retreat called Intimacy Mastery 2.5.

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Connecting with Intimacy Mastery 2.5

At Intimacy Mastery 2.5, Jennelle and Keith offer a life-altering, healing, and liberating experience, all in a luxurious exotic setting cultivated to give you the space for your fullest expression. Intimacy Mastery Retreat 2.5 guides guests through healing activities, embodiment practices, and connection exercises to help them have a more fulfilling connection to themselves and life.
The secret to creating a lasting attraction is in understanding polarity and how to embody your authentic essence.

Teaching intimacy became even more relevant when so many have been in situations where they became more isolated or potentially hesitant of connection. The tagline for their retreat is, “Elevating your greatest power to live the most exhilarating connected life possible!” Their retreat truly does deliver on this intention of helping guests to heal and express themselves.

Tantra is a holistic system of personal and spiritual development. Jennelle and Keith use tantric practices to help others create a union and balance of masculine and feminine energies to improve their connection and relationship to self and others.

Yoga Class at Intimacy Mastery Retreat

Join Keith and Jennelle on Retreat for Intimacy Mastery 2.5

The Intimacy Mastery Retreat will guide you on a journey into the deepest, most unexplored parts of yourself. Wading through the darkest parts of yourself to find the light will allow you to relate to others on a level never thought possible. You will find yourself forging deep, meaning relationships that will enrich your life and catapult you into a level of fulfillment you could have never imagined.

Our practices are based on ancient yogic relationship principles, mindfulness, and embodiment practices.

These teachings will be led by master coaches Keith Mitchell and Jennelle Gordon who will take you through the most exhilarating experience of your life over the course of five days.

Learn more about Intimacy Mastery 2.5

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