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Millana Snow is a woman on the move. She’s an entrepreneur and healer with vision and a commitment to community. In the fashion world, Millana was the winning model in the 2010 Season 8 of Project Runway. It is an accolade that has led to her putting her creativity into practice in publishing, fashion, and art direction.  In addition walking the runway, Millana’s life path has focused on health, wellness, spirituality, and consciousness with decades of study. The founder of Wellness Official took some time with LA YOGA to showcase fitness fashion, and talk about movement, meditation, and incorporating energy healing in daily life.

Above Photo: Clothing by 2XU. Shoes by Skechers.

Fitness Fashion, Movement, Meditation, and Wellness


Millana Snow Fashion Fitness Portrait Wearing 2XU

In the above photo, Millana is wearing clothing by 2XU.

Find Your Saving Grace

Millana is a Reiki Healer and meditation teacher who works with individuals as well as large groups. Bringing people together is part of her mission. Millana says, “Community has always been a saving grace for me, I always felt different and wanted to do more than ‘just get by.’ My community is a rock for me.”

Millana Snow Fitness Fashion portrait wearing Niyama Sport and Sun Bella Apparel


In the photo above, Millana is wearing UPF-rated poncho by Sun Bella Apparel, Leggings by Niyama Sport, and shoes by Skechers.

Millana’s work in the business and wellness worlds have inspired her to create Wellness Official. Stay tuned for the official launch later this year of an interactive online marketplace that features best-of curated practitioners and brands from the global wellness community. Millana will also be bringing rooftop yoga and meditation to New York City this summer for the sixth year, every Thursday.


Millana Snow Fitness Fashion Wearing toujouri s and bag by silly yog

Photo above: Millana is wearing clothing by TouJours Style for Action. Bag by Silly Yogi.

Fitness Fashion and Everyday Life

While showcasing some trending fitness fashion pieces to encourage us to live more outdoors in SoCal and beyond, Millana shares some tips for integrating health into everyday life.


Millana Snow running with dog

Above photo: Clothing by Liquido Active. Shoes by Skechers.

Integrating Fitness into Daily Life

When it comes to integrating fitness activities outdoors, I hike at least once a week. But I also run to the beach (and jump in when it’s warm) two to three times a week! It’s serious therapy jumping into the ocean. Hiking and then the ocean is always a big win! My dog Aria is a partner in my wellness. Because Aria weighs 90 pounds and loves to run, she encourages me to get out every day. This has changed my life and opened my heart even more.

I move my body every day. Some days it’s yoga on the mat, other it is long hikes or runs to the beach. If I start to feel tight in my body, I know I’ve gone too long without movement.

Millana Snow portrait wearing FILA


Above Photo: Millana is wearing clothing by FILA. Shoes by Skechers.

Reiki, Energy Work, and Self-Care

Millana says, “I use my hands for self-healing multiple times each day. I find that healing flows from complete presence, so meditation helps me to connect to the infinite now. This is where I feel the healing from my hands (where ever I feel guided to put them) come through. Energy work is a major part of “the work” and doing the work is a daily practice. Our chakras and our aura can be easily affected by our daily life. So it is important for us to spend time daily to intentionally clear and reorganize our energy.”

She continues, “When it comes to getting started with using energy-based practices, I suggest that people sit in silence and practice self-inquiry. Ask yourself, “How can I start healing myself through energy work?” Listen to the answers, don’t disregard what comes up. You can start to sit in silence and lay hands on yourself. There are schools and teachers all over the world. Putting it into practice is really about getting into your own alignment with your inner guidance. Listening to your guidance will supply your answers.”


Millana Snow fitness fashion smiling portrait



In the above photo, Millana is wearing clothing by Silly Yogi.


Meditation helps Millana maintain focus. “Meditation is huge for me! I can’t imagine my life and work without a daily practice. The same goes with a consistent check-in with my spirit and source. I tap into bigger ideas, more kindness and clarity when I’m tapped in.” She says, “In order to support meditation anywhere, it’s really about clearing your space and making it sacred.”

Millana Snow Meditation




Millana is wearing clothing by Prism Sport. Meditation Shawl by Venius. Meditation Seat by Simply Sitting.

Fashion Fitness Credits

Millana Snow is a wellness entrepreneur and the founder of Wellness Official.

All photos by David Young-Wolff.

Hair and makeup by Nancie Rooney.

Styling by Venius.

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