Festivals March 2015

Alchemy Event presents the 11th Global Consciousness event:
“Survival of Humanity”

Los Angeles, March 27-29.

Looking to create a new path for humanity and be part of a positive movement? For a global group that believes in new ideas for ways of living and promoting a better future for generations to come? Survival of Humanity Alchemy Event is a three-day celebration with over 33 keynote speakers, lectures, panels, workshops, and exhibits. Join discussions of new possibilities in science and technology, health and wellness, permaculture, and more with opportunities to meet and greet the speakers. Kirtan music will serenade the evenings, while Aztec ceremonial dancers shake up the day.

BaliSpirit Festival

photo by: Matt Oldfield

BaliSpirit Festival

Ubud, Bali. March 31-April 5.

BaliSpirit Festival is a celebration in the arts and healing hub of Ubud, Bali. This annual, energy-lifting festival inspires and unifies the global community from over 50 countries through yoga, meditation, healing, breathwork, dance, and the beat of world music. Hosting the world’s best leaders in health, lifestyle, self-care, community and social change set against the plush and architectural backdrop on lush terraced lawns with open pavilions. The night lights up on the dance floor as musical energy radiates from the unsurpassed line up on the outdoor stage.

Sat Nam Fest

Joshua Tree, April 8-12.

Embark on a journey to alight your soul and leave lasting memories. Travel to the magical destination of Joshua Tree, the host of Sat Nam Fest, Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival and be present with the world’s most inspiring and masterful Kundalini Yoga teachers paired with master sacred musicians. One of the highlights of the festival is the strong community built by practicing together throughout the day with a collection of stellar artists and teachers. Suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis, the plethora of intriguing workshops promise to elevate your consciousness and open your heart.

National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference

Newport Beach, April 9-12

The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) brings together practitioners, students, and Ayurvedic enthusiasts for a long weekend of classes, seminars, practicums, morning meditation, yoga classes, musical performances, book signings, one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic shopping, networking, and shared community meals. Attendees describe the event as a powerful experience to recharge their practice by spending time with others immersed in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. This year’s theme explores Ayurveda in the modern world with four days of powerful presentations. Keynote speakers include Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Marc Halpern, Dr. Kevin Spelman, and Dr. Christine Horner. A pre conference practitioner forum is open to practitioner members of NAMA.