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We are Now Redefining Work, Travel, and Life Priorities

After what has been one of the biggest disruption periods for industries worldwide, the pandemic has undoubtedly created a space for businesses and individuals to reflect on how they prefer to operate, consume information and most importantly, spend their time. More people than ever are working remotely, and at one point over the past couple years have reassessed their purpose and work/life balance priorities. We were once a culture that thrived on the word “hustle” and lived by the phrase “I’ll sleep when I die”, leaving little room for the pure joys of friendship, family, and travel. I do believe that the pandemic has put us in front of the mirror, forcing each of us to redefine what it is to be happy and how to spend our time within and outside the realm of work.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

As the world begins to safely re-open, the term “travel” has begun to spark excitement amongst millions of people who already have wanderlust or perhaps have finally made that commitment to get out of town, finally visiting that dream destination.

As a culture we have seen these dream vacations pan out on social media, watching influencers and celebrities land in exotic places, snap a group photo on their phone and showing us all a video of the crystal blue water of Belize. There was a moment in 2020 when this all clicked. I’m looking at these incredible places on Instagram and wish I could just get there with a click of a button. I then think of the process of booking through multiple websites, potential site errors and fluctuating processes, and snap myself back into reality.

The world deserves an easier way to travel, with a process that is simple, intuitive and leaves the guesswork to the experts.

Without a doubt the way our parents and grandparents handled this was through a travel agency at some musty smelling office in the local shopping center. But last time I checked those are far and few to be found. What if someone could provide this service with a click, in the format that our current generation prefers, which is of course our phones and tablets: More than ever, this new generation of travelers have the flexibility to book a trip, bring their laptop and work or vacation from anywhere around the globe. This is where the idea for Luxury Travel Hackers had its genesis. I knew that a huge change was coming and that people are excited to travel once again.


Luxury Travel Hackers as a Solution for Modern-Day Travel

I kept thinking about all these core values that people were likely ignoring or neglecting pre-pandemic, and that over time it comes to a boil and there’s no turning away from what people love most. Getting outside, traveling to exciting places near and far, and living life how it’s truly meant to be lived. I knew Luxury Travel Hackers was the perfect idea at just the right time, ready to serve travel hungry folks like myself and give them a platform that is so easy to use, that you can’t help but get involved.

Luxury Travel Hackers

The Story Behind the Scenes

So how did I get here? Starting a mobile centric travel booking business during a pandemic probably isn’t for everyone, but it was something that needed to happen. I spent most of my career in film and TV production and after decades in the business I knew I wanted to pursue something fresh and something that captured other core interests. In my previous career I spent six months out of the year in intense production work and then 3-4 months of the year traveling to remote places.

Travel ironically kept me grounded. I loved meeting new people that had nothing to do with show business, and because of travel my life was changed forever and I wanted to share these experiences. I kept having conversations with my co-founder Katie Warner who was an owner of a boutique luxury travel agency, and the pieces really came together quickly for Luxury Travel Hackers.

In early 2021 I worked tirelessly with Katie and many other invaluable team members to create the first incarnation of Luxury Travel Hackers. I was fortunate to have early guidance from a mentor, Woodrow Zeigangel, and have that quickly followed up with support by Thomas B. Magnas of Centerfire Capital LLC. Mangas is the former CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and was responsible for their $13b acquisition by Marriott International in 2016. We were in good company, and I knew we were on to something very special.

Moving into the Future

Fast forward to December 2021. We are ended the year with a bang and launched an exciting equity raise campaign via StartEngine. Just as our core audience loves the mobile experience, many also enjoy crowdfunding, investing (any Bitcoin or NFT fans like me out there??) and StartEngine gives travel enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of the pie here at LTH.

I feel fortunate to understand and have a passion for travel while also having the opportunity to serve you, the reader, by creating a travel solution that could really change the world. The next time someone tells you to get off your phone, tell them you’re booking a trip to Bali via Instagram and that they are invited.

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

Stay informed & Inspired