Los Angeles, California: People are inspired and educated by watching films with uplifting and meaningful stories combined with the opportunity to discuss themes with a community. The Conscious Good Studio Series in partnership with Bliss Network and LA YOGA Magazine offers yoga studios curated film programming for monthly special events.

According to Conscious Good Founder Trina Wyatt, “The Conscious Good Studio Series offers a unique community gathering of like-minded people, with exclusive films that were made and curated for the mind-body-spirit audience.  During the screening, attendees relax using the props of their local yoga and meditation studio while surrounded by friends and soon-to-be-friends. After watching the film, people are encouraged to share their thoughts, what they’ve learned, and to take inspiration into action in their lives and communities.”

“The core mission for yoga studios and other related businesses includes building community. The Studio Series provides inspiring content that can be programmed into the studio schedule during non-class times, such as weekend evenings. This allows students to gather for a shared experience,” says Bliss Network Editorial Director Felicia Tomasko.

Trina Wyatt says, “I believe that stories – real or imagined – have the power to transform lives. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and it has changed my life immeasurably for the better.  I’m thrilled that the Studio Series can bring these two powerful forces together to help nurture community and make people’s lives better.”

Yoga studios participating in the series benefit from a turn-key community event that generates a new source of revenue.

About Conscious Good: Conscious Good is a media platform whose mission is the elevate the human experience to collectively heal the world one inspiring story at a time.

About Bliss Network: Publisher of LA YOGA Magazine and Find Bliss, the mission of Bliss Network is to build community and share inspiring stories through the editorial cornerstones of food, home, spa, and practice in Los Angeles and beyond.

Trina Wyatt Founder and CEO
Conscious Good
[email protected]

Felicia Tomasko – Chief Content Officer
Bliss Network, LLC
[email protected]