Hale PilatesHale, an Old English word, means strong and healthy. The owners of HALE Pilates Method, Jane and Kristen, chose the word to represent their studio because it is synchronized with the healthy lifestyle of the mind and body that they are trying to promote.

The sleek, open studio boasts a Pilates room with six reformers as well as a TRX strength training room—where they are also planning on adding yoga classes. “We wanted to keep the classes small so people can get the benefit of our instruction,” explains Jane. Both owners have done a lot of training in the safe spine technique, so they incorporate those methods into the classes they teach.

In addition to physical health, nutrition is an important factor at HALE. The studio has two registered dietitians who work with clients to change their eating habits, help them shop for groceries, and keep them motivated. “We want to provide everything for people who want it from workouts to nutrition to a small community. It’s great, because classes have gotten to be like a social hour around here,” says Kristen. “The communal aspect is really important to us.”

HALE Pilates Method

 326 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 100

Redondo Beach, CA


By Jordan Younger, a yoga teacher and vegan blogger. You can find her at theblondevegan.com or on Instagram at @theblondevegan.

Jordan Younger is a student at Loyola Marymount University and a Yoga teacher in training who loves the ocean, being outdoors, and tasting delicious vegetarian food around L.A. She hopes write novels in the future, and if she is not on the yoga mat you will probably find her at the beach, hiking with her friends, or playing with her adorable nieces.