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Contemporary, cool, and clean, Speir Pilates exudes the vibe of a fully modern studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, white walls contrasting exposed black ceilings, concrete floors, and eight Pilates reformers. With limited class size (eight—one person per machine), the classes are already booking up after just a few months; so if you want to partake, make sure to book your class online.

Speir Pilates offers as many as eleven 50-minute workouts each day. All of these group classes incorporate a combination of sequences using the Pilates apparatus with non-impact exercises. The workouts vary in intensity and focus, but the result of every class is a mix of toning, cardio, and stretching. Private sessions can also be booked on the Cadillac.

Studio founder Andrea Speir developed her fusion method of Pilates during her 10 years of teaching throughout Los Angeles. In order to open the studio this spring, Speir partnered with legal professional and avid fitness lover Elizabeth Polk, who–as Andrea says–is “the smartest person I know.” Andrea also reflects “I could have taken on more private clients, but wanted to reach more people with this style. I kept the class size small because I wanted room to utilize a mat with an assortment of fun props (resistance bands, tubing, stability balls, free weights). This way each person receives specialized attention.”

Conveniently located close to the beach and to the I-10 ramp, Speir Pilates is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood near the Santa Monica Library. Biggest bonus: lots of two-hour free street parking right in front of the studio (free parking in Santa Monica is always a bonus). Another unique feature: The studio’s retail corner boasts the only four-wall outlet for options from the hip Carbon38 clothing brand.

Speir Pilates
1427 7th St., Santa Monica
For more information visit speirpilates.com
Call them at 310-260-4808