High Vibration Spiritual Guides Maryam Hasnaa

Maryam Hasnaa by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower

Finding Inspiration through Tweets

In the noisy world of social media, and of minute-by-minute news updates, it feels like the collective has tipped towards celebrating the sensational and controversial. So, it’s little wonder that we’ve become desensitized to things that would ordinarily hit us with great impact. But if switching off social media is not an option, how do we continue using it for the greater good over the long term? At a time when I wasn’t functioning at my greatest potential, after a car accident and surgery, I sought the support of a spiritual community and high vibration spiritual guides.

Spending so much time rehabilitating at home meant I turned to social media. I was immediately drawn to the Tweets of wellness coach Lala Delia. The Tweets spoke about high vibrations. Her retweets led me to medium Maryam Hasnaa, and so on. Adding spiritually-minded accounts to my list of followers was a good first step in turning my mindset around. If you’re looking for ways to inspire others through social media and community, TheSmallBusinessBlog.net has this guide to growing your Instagram safely.

The quartet below add different perspectives to my timeline. Perspectives that include self-care, vibrating higher, and intuition. (They continue to motivate, nurture, and guide me.) They also shared light, energy, and inspiration. This came at a time when my living in a state of higher consciousness and expanded awareness was needed the most.

High Vibration Spiritual Guides Lalah Delia

Lalah Delia photo by Roneka Patterson

High Vibration Spiritual Guide/Wellness Coach/Writer
Lalah Delia

It’s been nearly 10 years since Lalah Delia embarked on her journey as spiritual writer and wellness educator. It is a path, she explains, that manifested through her own healing, awakening, and transformation. “I honor [it] to help others who are where I was, and for those who are ready to be well vibrationally, in mind, body, spirit, and soul.” On a quantum level, the concept of vibration refers to the pulsating energy within us and in the universe. To operate at a higher frequency, we must cleanse the body of unwanted energy and let in the good—love, compassion, kindness.

“Vibrating higher daily is how we align with The Divine, The Most High. [It is] how we come into our higher potential self and reality, and how we thrive and elevate as individuals, as communities, and as a world at large,” Lalah says. “Vibrating higher is how you take your power back.” Scrolling through Lala’s Twitter feed, you’ll reflexively press “like” on her near-daily reminders about amping your consciousness, spiritual healing, and yes, vibration. And a plus of being on social media is that her teachings are more accessible. Followers are free to ask her questions, seek advice, refer to one of her online classes, or catch a lifestream. Or, as she puts it, “just feel the day-to-day love I put into my work for them, in real time.”

High Vibration Spiritual Guides Lalah Delia

Lalah Delia photo by Roneka Patterson

The Vitality of Self-Care

Asked about why self-care is so vital in the world right now, Lalah shares that “wellness allows us to show up and function and operate at higher level and potential—mentally, vibrationally, and spiritually. We aren’t much help to the collective if we’re un-well and our energy is focused on recovering from an un-well lifestyle and such. Changing the world starts within, at home, and with our own day-to-day choices.”

Connect with Lalah on Twitter @lalahdelia. And via her website, VibrateHigherDaily.com

High Vibration Spiritual Guides Vex King

Vex King

High Vibration Spiritual Guide/Mind Coach/Entrepreneur
Vex King

“I’m just a guy who likes to help people exercise new ways of thinking so that they can live a greater life,” Vex King says of his vocation, which he started professionally three years ago. Self-taught, Vex gained his training through books, videos, “casual conversations with the wise,” and his life experiences. “I didn’t really announce myself as a public figure who wanted to make a difference in this industry until 2015. However, prior to that, I was always spreading a positive message through different social media accounts.”

He is consistent in sharing nuggets of wisdom about everything from self-love to relationships in easy-to-digest Tweets. And perhaps most notable is his creation of the Good Vibes Only #GVO. It’s  a movement that he believes is key to living a better life. “Good vibes are simply higher states of vibration, and good vibes attract good things into our lives,” he says. “As obvious as it sounds, positivity is essential to living a good life.

We Transmit and Receive Vibrational Frequencies

We are all transmitters and receivers of vibrational frequencies, and the vibrations we put out are always pulling in stuff that’s vibrating at a similar frequency to us. Negative emotions vibrate at a lower pitch, while positive feelings such as joy and love vibrate at the highest. Whatever frequency we emit, the same or similar frequency is drawn to us. Send out joy, and you’ll get more things to feel joyful about!”

Inclined towards making a difference because of his difficult past—“I know how it feels to suffer or feel like you have no control over your life”—Vex’s mission is towards the betterment of this planet. But for his words to resonate, it’s essential that we be open to change: “You can only transmit genuine positive energy if you’re in a good place yourself. We constantly seek to change the world around us without focusing on creating a change within us, which will eventually manifest outwards.”

Connect with Vex on Twitter @VexKing. As well as on his website, bonvitastyle.com

High Vibration Spiritual Guides Maryam Hasnaa

Photo of Maryam Hasnaa by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower

High Vibration Spiritual Guide/Medium/Channeler
Maryam Hasnaa

Raised by spiritual teachers—her parents—Maryam Hasnaa writes that she was immersed into a world of mysticism, ceremony, and celebration since before she was born. It was in 2009, after her own spiritual awakening, that she began sharing her spiritual and psychic gifts online. “I started being a medium/channeler for information about the planetary awakening,” she says. “I work specifically with a collective of beings called Source (Oneness) and the archangels. Those are my primary guides as they are aspects of my higher self. My message is pretty simple, which is that we are in a time of a great shift in human consciousness where we are waking up to remember the truth of who we are.”

Reality, Creation, and Why We Are Here

She shares her knowledge of Akashic records—higher dimensional concepts and ancient wisdom—on her Twitter feed and in workshops as a way to help “people understand the nature of reality, creation, why we are here, how to do the inner work so that we may all be able to access deeper levels of clarity and divine truth.” Her works resonate with people who are extra-sensory, “meaning those who have gifts of seeing, telepathy, channeling, clairvoyance, being empaths, or highly sensitive to reading energy.”

Maryam is also a QHHT practitioner, which is a form of past-life hypnotherapy. She approaches her work esoterically, but makes an effort to make it palatable for people on all levels of awakening. “I try not to subscribe to labels and I tend to play whatever role is needed in the moment as a vessel for Spirit. I do subscribe to the ancient methodology of mystery school training which is the path of the initiate, one who has dedicated their life to this devotional path,” she says. “It is quite a destructive process to awaken as it destroys much of the illusion that our lives had been built upon. I am here really to raise the vibration of the planet so that ultimately we can access higher levels of joy, grace, compassion and forgiveness.”

Connect with Maryam on Twitter @maryamhasnaa. Find her website maryamhasnaa.com

High Vibration Spiritual Guides Kylie Riordan

Kylie Riordan

High Vibration Spiritual Guide/Kindness Catalyst/Poet/Mother/Father
Kylie Riordan

Kylie Riordan is author of When Soul is Life. She is also advanced pranic healer, angel intuitive, and student of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Kylie has been steeped in the self-help and spirituality industries for over 10 years. Per her Twitter bio, she’s also a poet and a Kindness Catalyst. That is, “someone who wants to be an instigator of kindness, someone who starts the snowball effect of kindness becoming an integral part of our world, someone who will do everything in their power to make kindness trend.”

Love, beauty, and compassion emanate from Kylie’s Twitter feed. She started back at 140 characters, then a young mum with three little children. “I didn’t have much time for writing blogs,” she says. “I really love the Twitter forum now. In this day and age where everyone is busy, I can give words of love in an instant. It doesn’t take much away from my day to write the Tweet. But those few words might be powerful in the transformations of others.”

A Life Lived with Love is a Life Well Lived

Her life philosophy is “a life lived with love is a life well lived.” It can be achieved simply by incorporating moments of boredom, moments away from technology, and time to connect with loved ones. “I write in my book about how important virtues of kindness, love, compassion and forgiveness are for authentic happiness. I think they are essential for balance too.”

Given the current state of the world, why is kindness is so vital right now? “It is the only answer,” Kylie states. “The world won’t be changed unless we embody authentic kindness, unless we learn to have compassion, and unless we can understand our connection. We need to be kind in situations we aren’t normally kind in. We need to move past our comfort zone with kindness. With kindness, magic is possible.” In short, kindness reigns!

Connect with Kylie on Twitter @mindfulheal. And access her book When Soul is Life.