Shakuntali Teaches people to be a Woman of Power

Destiny, Power, and Planetary Connection for a Woman of Power

A woman of power is a woman who lives her destiny—to bring beauty, love, and creativity to the world. As a naturally beautiful soul, the woman of power is the source of happiness for her surroundings and the planet. She is a special woman, who lives in connection with God and with the divine. This is energy she shares through her heart, her love, her smile, her eyes, and her movements. A woman of power is a source of joy and inspiration, a real miracle on Earth because her heart is open and she knows how to give and how to receive from God.

She is a simple woman, who might look like others, but she has special talents and abilities. Not everyone has their superabilities open. These special souls have magic abilities of love and of feeling people around them. They feel energy and the soul of others. All of them have a special, high mission on earth. A special soul from the stars, the woman of power wants to make others happy, wants that all the planet and animals are happy and live in harmony and peace, according to cosmic laws of God.

And now, as you read these words, you can feel that you are one of them and that you were waiting for these words for a long time. My dear, in this moment, the spirits and the spirit of your ancestors guided you to read these words and connect to this energy.

A Siberian Shaman on The Power of Destiny

As you read, inhale and exhale deeply, feel your heart and remember. Remember your childhood and how you came to this world to be happy, to be your very unique individuality, to express beauty, and to realize your talents. Feel the desire of your soul to realize yourself, to help others, to realize your mission. You are a very special person that God put on Earth to be happy and be source of love. To create field of love in every moment, every situation, and with every person.

It is important to realize the greatness of this mission. Because only love will save this world; only love will make all people happy, healthy, strong, and beautiful inside and outside. You are a woman of power, a woman of love. The power of your prayer can put protection on your close ones. When more is needed, it is time to unite with other women of power and pray together. To learn to be happy and live according to cosmic rules of the Earth, to purify all blocks that don’t allow you to be confident, strong, beautiful, and successful, to live in harmony and love, and to have a happy family with loving, respectful and noble partner, children, and friends.

Now is the Time to Be a Woman of Power

This time is now. This is the time when our souls must connect and unite in love, in healing, in spiritual growth. You can do everything, because God is with you and you are with Him when you help others, when you realize your mission, when your heart is open. And now I am calling your soul. I can guide you to remember how to be a true woman of power, how to be happy, to realize your mission, your dreams.

Life is a place of miracles and now the way is open for you to be happy and realize all that your soul came to do on this beautiful earth.

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