Healing Power of Crysals

Empower Yourself with Crystals

Every day someone is newly discovering how stones and crystals are powerful tools in their lives. While people get “into” stones and crystals, what they usually mean is that they buy them, they have them, and yet never actually do anything with them. And after a while, they can’t even tell you the names of them, let alone what they’re for. Oh, except one, they can tell you about Rose Quartz. It’s pink. So it’s easier to remember that it’s a stone for love. Plus, people are always looking for more love in their lives. What they probably can’t tell you is how to use it every day to bring love into your life.
When my book (Let’s Get Stoned: Using Stones & Crystals to Create A Life That Rocks!) came out in 2017, I wrote it intending to put in one place the things that I often found myself searching for regarding using stones and crystals. In the first chapter, I explain why I wrote the book,
I figure if I have this conversation everywhere I go, it would be more useful to write it down so people can read it for themselves. There are a lot of people with questions and I simply don’t have enough time to talk to everyone.
Funny thing is, I still end up having daily conversations about using stones and crystals, haha! I love talking about it! Since there are lots of ways that stones and crystals can be used in your life, hello I wrote a book! I thought it would be easier to demonstrate ways to use them daily, doing things that you’re probably already doing.

As I always say, add a crystal to it!

…following is my offering to help you on your journey. It is my hope that you will find it useful, educational and a bit entertaining…

How Crystals Are Powerful Tools During Yoga

How many of you already include stones and crystals in your yoga practice? Based on how many furtive, yet fascinated looks I get when I bring my stones to class, my guess is not many of you. I figured the easiest way to demonstrate this lesson would be to use my personal practice as an example.

Sharing My Own Practice as an Example

Crystals from Robyn Practice
These are the stones and crystals I had with me for this morning’s practice are: petrified wood, selenite, and prehnite. First I’ll tell you what they’re for, then I’ll tell you how I used them.

Petrified Wood


  • I have patience for the steady growth toward my goal of spiritual transformation.
  • I am strong and steadfast, living my beliefs.
  • I am grateful for the lessons of my past.
  • Peace be still.

Chakra: Root (1st), Third Eye (6th)

This is all about getting to that rooted sense of Self. It allows you to make whatever changes are necessary for life, without getting stuck. Even when things are moving slowly, remaining true to who you are, and believing in that truth, you can patiently make your way through whatever is necessary in order to manifest your life’s vision. The key is being “steadfast” in your belief in Self.



  • I AM aligned with the Divine.
  • I AM spiritually, physically, and mentally aligned.
  • I release any feeling of doubt, fear, jealousy, or negativity.
  • I align with my spiritual wisdom, higher consciousness.

Chakra: Crown (7th)

This milky white crystal is associated with the moon, so it is reflective of Divine Love. Since this is for alignment, the more plugged in and connected you are, the more activating this crystal will feel. Selenite not only aligns people, but it also aligns other stones. It doesn’t need to be cleansed because it cleanses other stones. It is ready to serve you in helping refocus your energy and find clarity for your intention.



  • I AM open and receptive to all that is good.
  • I see the good in all things
  • I AM alert & awake, understanding what is important
  • I accept that change is beneficial for my evolution

Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th)

Life is good and all is well. That is Prehnite’s message to you. This crystal helps remind you that happiness and a sense of well-being are a regular experience in your life. Peace is at hand. It is as close as your heartbeat. It reminds you to remain open to possibilities, new people, and fresh ideas. Ride the wave of change instead of drowning trying to remain at a standstill.

How to Use Crystals as Powerful Toos in Your Yoga Practice

  1. When setting an intention before the class, choose an affirmation associated with a stone or crystal.
  2. Place your stones or crystals on or near the chakra that they are aligned with. For today’s class, when sitting for meditation I placed the petrified wood at my root chakra, the selenite on my crown chakra (I have very curly hair, so it didn’t move, haha!), and held the prehnite in between my hands in prayer at heart center.
  3. Repeat your affirmations while you put your stones and crystals into position. I used the following phrases for today’s stones: “Peace be still. I AM aligned with the Divine. I see the good in all things.” 
  4. After intention setting, place your stones at the front of your mat or surrounding your mat during class. There is no right or wrong here. Do what feels right to you.
  5. Throughout the class or practice, you can repeat the affirmations to yourself each time you see the stones.
  6. During savasana you can do the same thing as during meditation, just lying down. For example, today I lay down with the petrified wood under my root chakra, placed the prehnite directly on my heart chakra, and put the selenite on the mat above my crown chakra, repeating the affirmations.

Crystals are Powerful Tools

Amplification of Intentions through Stones and Crystals

The use of stones and crystals during yoga can expand your practice by helping you have a physical, tangible anchor for your class intention. Whatever you are working through on your mat can be amplified by adding a stone. This is because crystals are powerful tools for strengthening energy. You can think the thing, feel the thing, say the thing, even believe the thing, and when you’ve got something to hold in your hand to keep reminding you of your thing, that’s when you are truly doing all of the things to create the life that you want.
Remember friends, you are illimitable. This means you can go out and create a life that rocks!

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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