How Knowing Your Soul’s Purpose Gives Meaning to Life

A cousin of mine died just days ago. Have you noticed a lot of people dying lately?

Why do I mention death? Because so many people die with their music still in them. They have been so distracted by the world, they never found their soul’s purpose or had the courage to follow through with it.

Don’t die with your music still in you.      –Wayne Dyer

What is your soul’s purpose?

Do you know? If you don’t, I will give you two hints.

First, I strongly recommend giving-up the belief “I don’t know.”

Remove this phrase from your vocabulary. Your Higher Self knows exactly what your Soul’s purpose is.

You begin to download the knowing of your soul’s purpose by simply saying, “I choose to know my Souls purpose!”

You may need to say it a few times to open up your circuits.

“I choose to know my Souls purpose!”

And then relax, get on with your day, and you will be subconsciously guided to the next step, the next insight, which could be stumbling across a teacher, book, workshop, et cetera.

I am Joa Janakoayas, founder and senior faculty member of the I AM University of Spiritual Psychology at Mount Shasta California. As another option for you to consider, I invite you to attend online our Discover Your Soul’s Purpose workshop offered on August 29.

A Second Clue to Your Soul’s Purpose

Now, I would like to give you a second big clue of what your Soul’s Purpose is, which my cousin’s life illustrated.

My cousin was the second born after his older brother – who could do no wrong. He was no match for his older brother, who was an outstanding athlete, excellent student, very popular, and a kind of saint of the family.

So this younger brother developed a habit of seeing himself as “not good enough.” Seeing his brother getting all the attention for being “great” was so painful, he discovered “being a badass” at least got him some kind of attention, which was better than no attention, especially from his mother.

So he played out the prodigal son archetype, which I imagine many of us can relate to in ourselves to some degree. I also went through a phase in my early years where I acted out being a rebel without a cause. I was so caught up in being wildly free of establishment I didn’t know what I really wanted and how to attain it. The beauty of the story with my cousin (and myself) is we came back home.

Sooner or later we all come back home to our Loving Selves.

We discover by simply being our Loving Selves we are more than enough.

Our Purpose is Loving

My cousin proved this by healing his relationship with his mother (which I also did). This was no small task!

According to Spiritual Psychology, the Authentic Self is Loving. And our definition of healing is: Love applied to the hurt.

When we learn to love that part of ourselves that seems unlovable, we come back home to the purity of our core Loving Selves.

Humanity’s Core Issue

Shame is humanity’s core issue. Everybody has it to some degree. Shame says, “I am not fully lovable as I am. But I might at least get some approval if I’m seen as one of the following.

…prosperous and wealthy; good looking; strong; intelligent and knowledgeable; a winner (out competing others); successful; popular.

So we put on a kind of “I’m great” mask to hide what we were really feeling. We set perfectionistic standards or impossible grandiose accomplishments for ourselves to prove we were good enough. This has kept us in a lot of stress, anxiety, and eventually illness.

And when we failed to get that approval from others for being who we thought we should be, we collapsed into despair. This is what shame does. It hinders our Soul’s natural generosity, creativity, beauty, grace, joy, and health; and it eventually destroys our life.

While carrying shame, we eventually give up our big dreams, and settle for a mediocre life at best.

Are your big dreams coming true? Or have you felt stuck on a plateau looking for how to get to higher ground?

Do you have this feeling there has got to be more to life?… more potential in you to express? … and more rewards to receive back from the universe?

The number one reason people struggle with manifesting their dream life is they don’t feel worthy.They don’t feel worthy of unconditional love, and their own natural greatness.

Every human Soul has infinite potential for good.

Dreams do come true when we get free of shame, guilt, and self-criticism. I’ve seen it happen with myself, and every year with our I AM U Masters students.

Your Dream Life is Your Choice For Growth

Your Soul and the Universe is always conspiring for your growth. It will give you big opportunities to step out of your comfort zone to live a grand life of service.

The question is, when you are given a grand opportunity to live beyond survival, will you shrink and cling onto what feels safe or will you seize the moment to feel the cold wind of the unknown sting your face with excitement?

We are either trying to be safe or we are free.    –Anand Mehrotra

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.    –Helen Keller

Will you play at 125% for your victory, or will you sit on the sidelines with all the reasons you can’t. Can’t should be a banned “4 letter word” in every household. If you are in an entrapping situation, know your consciousness put you there, specifically your subconscious beliefs. And only your conscious choices are going to get you out of the life you don’t want and into the life you do want.

Your soul wants you to expand, to live your greater potential, your big dream, your soul’s purpose.

Your programmed human self will tell you why you can’t. It will say things like: “Now is not the right time because I don’t have enough money.” Really, it’s never about time and money because time and money are forms of universal energies that always follow your intention.

When we say, “I don’t have enough time and money to do the big thing,” we are really saying, “I don’t have enough, the universe doesn’t have enough, I’m not enough, and I’m not valuable enough to be supported.”

All of these are lies many people live by that keep them playing small and settling for a meager existence at best.

While these illusions of “not enough-ness” are running in our heads, we tend to go for a compulsive way of numbing the pain of selling ourselves short.With many people today so much of the Soul’s potential is lost in this way. But this need not be you!

There are many influences, but in the final analysis, your life is the result of your choices. To consciously choose your thoughts, words, and actions for the outcome you desire, is to win your freedom.

–Saint Germain

If you are willing, the time to live a grand existence, to be in faith with your Divine Self, and your ability to pull off what you came here to do in this life – is NOW!

Our habitual thoughts, over time, take us to their resulting outcomes. It’s too easy to become comfortable in our old unhealthy habits. For example, “I can’t” can lead to becoming disabled. Spiritual awakening involves making powerful life-changing decisions.

Are you going to wind up disabled, or decide you CAN have all your dreams come true?

Every time you postpone going for your grand vision, you cut a little deeper groove of distrust in yourself and doubt in your higher power, making your life circumstances seem even more impossible to change, But however long you have waited, choosing to be supported with making a powerful decision with sincere faith in your divine support can move mountains!

person at top of mountain to connect to soul's purpose

Climbing the Mountain of Your Full Potential

The mountain of the life we are capable of can look overwhelming to our human minds.

This is the way I feel before I climb to the peak of Mount Shasta. I feel weak-kneed. My doubts come in, “Am I crazy? What was I thinking? Climbing 7,000 feet of vertical at my age?” Most people don’t make it to the top. But I do it anyway, one step at a time. I just don’t stop. I don’t listen to my human mind. I listen only to my soul’s choice. I listen to, “I CAN! One step at a time, I CAN have all my dreams come true!”

And you can too! If you are willing to trust your Self, and keep taking steps. To be honest, I feel overwhelmed now as I choose big changes (like hiring four faculty members) that will allow I AM U to grow. There is so much to manage that is out of the range of my human brain.

Faith shifts me out of fear.

I remember….

Faith got me this far, and will take me the whole distance of my choosing without having to know how.

Whatever your mountain is, that mission with your name on it, of living your Soul’s purpose and your soul’s grand life, don’t let your excuses stop you, Rather than getting frustrated by circumstances, you can find your value in every situation.

Your value is the unique expression of your Loving. There is always a person suffering more than yourself, and by helping others, you forget your so-called troubles – and this is your soul’s purpose!

Whatever you’re committed to, universal energy follows that, and that includes money. Instead of believing you’re insignificant and unsupported, you can choose to believe in your Loving Cause. Doing so, you are profoundly supported – including financially.

If you could use some confidence in your ability to manifest money, I invite you to our Money Flow Magic course at I AM U, starting August 20, 2022. In this course, we open our consciousness to receive unexpected income.

Know you can transcend any negative voices, become inspired in your Soul’s Purpose, and get supported with doing it. The world needs awakened Star Seed Soul’s like you–on purpose!

group of smiling people

Your Soul’s purpose is Loving.

Magically – love conquers all apparent challenges.Your life is a miracle in the making – if you are willing to believe in your Soul’s Loving Purpose.

Again, I invite you to say out loud: “I choose to know my Soul’s Purpose.” Then follow the magical breadcrumbs to your Self-Actualization for the highest good of all.

Practice Discovering your Purpose

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of negative emotions and beliefs about yourself.

Imagine living in your authentic peace, innocence, beauty, and joy, and fearlessly expressing your natural gifts. Imagine devoting one year to completely transforming your entire existence for the better, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We believe working on all four levels is required for sustained transformation and growth.

I AM University Logo

I AM University of Spiritual Psychology

This is what happens at the I AM University of Spiritual Psychology. We educate Spiritual Psychology Counseling, Holistic Health, Quantum Energy Healing, and Life Empowerment Coaching in one life changing year. Our promise is you will be attracting paid clients before you graduate!

Classes start September 2, 2022. Late registration is possible.

It is a profound year of getting free of your human issues, and freeing up your Soul’s Loving gifts.

At IAMU, you are going to be profoundly supported with trusting your Soul’s grand plan, and your ability to pull it off, with help from your classmates, teachers, and divine help from above.

Free of past baggage, your going to have clarity and confidence to do your Soul’s calling. Click here to reserve your free Discovery Session to find out more.

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