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What is Intuition?

You know those times when you have felt a strong conviction that some particular outcome would happen and lo and behold it did! This could have very well been an example of you using a superpower that you hold: Intuition.

Intuition is the ability to tap into the spirit realm and gain special insight into a circumstance in your reality.

Whether you refer to it as a sixth sense or a “hunch” or the widely used “gut instinct,” this is what we’re talking about when we speak of intuition.

The exciting thing about intuition is that it is like a muscle that we can grow and and learn to trust.

Where does intuition come from?

Our intuition is like a radio channel that we can tap into and gain broader perspectives in our life; it is always there. Rather than accepting the seen, heard, and logical facets of our life, we can live even more enriched lives by picking up on the invisible nuances of this reality.

Have you ever learned a gesture of body language? Perhaps you’ve heard that when someone touches their ears when telling you a story, perhaps it shows the person is exaggerating or even lying. This understanding of body language and the unspoken things people are “saying” is very similar to what it feels like to operate from your deepest intuitive instincts.

“Intuition is like a muscle that we can grow.”

What is Intuition for?

To break down the myths about intuition, we need to look at what intuition is and how it works in your life.

Intuition is especially useful to stay at the cutting edge of your career, navigate tricky complications in your relationships or family, and make personal decisions that affect you. We can “see” into intentions, motivations, and opportunities that can help save us time, money and feel prepared for impending challenges when we are attuned to intuition.

However, there is a variety of misconceptions about intuition that can impede our ability to fully use our intuition. These myths can keep us from having access to something we are more than capable of utilizing in our daily lives.

Debunking the Common Myths around Intuition

Myth #1: Intuition only comes to “Super Spiritual” People.

People who appear to be super-spiritual and “advanced” aren’t the only ones tapping into intuitive power. Children as young as three years old can demonstrate incredible intuition (more than most adults). This is easily understood because kids are usually not tainted by the various aspects of life that can hinder trust in “picking up” on the ongoing dialogue the spirit world is trying to have with us by way of our intuition.

If you have thought that intuition is only for people who appear to have a deep spiritual life, you would be surprised to realize that it wouldn’t be further from the truth. The spiritual world does not have favorites nor is there a hierarchy of “special” versus “regular” folk. You have as much of an opportunity to attune to an intuitive frequency as the next person.

Myth #2: Intuition is only for gifted Psychics

We have moved away (thankfully) from the view that psychics are only women found at community fairs gazing into a crystal ball.

The world of professional intuitives has drastically broadened in the last decade with even men (including myself) taking center stage with offering their energetic work to the world. However, this is not an exclusive club and I’ll tell you why.

It might be tempting to elevate the status of a psychic above your own, assuming they must know more than you and thus you should somewhat see their gift as more “special” than your own.

It’s important to break down the myth that the psychic world is only for “gifted” people because we step away from elevating people above others and putting too much power in the hands of people.

Intuition is certainly not only for psychics. This has been evident in my own practice with clients. Often my own clients have said things of the cuff and it catches me totally off guard just how intuitive it is for them to say such things.

“Intuition is certainly not only for psychics.”

Myth #3: Your ‘Gut instinct’ is always trustworthy.

It is really true that you may often feel like you’re walking on a tightrope while blindfolded as you life a spiritual life. At times you’re desperately looking for tangible evidence that you’re on the right path; and other times things seem to flow so effortlessly.

You might eventually realize that the hunches or gut instincts that you’ve had turned out to be the truth all along. At this point it could be tempting to only follow your gut instinct, ignoring any sound advice.

But you can run into issues if you always only trust your gut instinct. At times, your hunches and instincts could be more related to anatomical responses than spiritual insight. Because your gut instinct is obviously resonating in the region of your stomach / abdominal region / digestive organs, you might overlook the reality that it could be a pseudo “instinct” due to your gut health.

If your body is currently more acidic (as opposed to alkaline), you can find that divine messages from the spiritual are being muddled and lost. You can avoid having your gut instinct overridden with these pseudo messages by consuming less caffeine, nicotine, processed foods, and sodas.

The more your body is beaming with nutritional health, the clearer and more accurate your gut instinct function will be operating and the more confidence you can place in your intuition being reliable.

“At times hunches and instincts are more an anatomical response.”

Myth #4: Women are more intuitive than Men

It might appear that women have more of a sixth sense than men, but this isn’t actually a fact. The reason it might appear that women have more intuition is that they are more likely to pay attention to this frequency as opposed to men.

Now more than ever, men are stepping into their spiritual conscious self and thus finding themselves led by intuitive insight. Men and women may pay attention to different forms of intuition and this could also play into the myth that women are more intuitive.

For example, women might have more intuitive dreams that they can interpret and share with their friends, however, men might feel intuition in a more nuanced way through their third eye by seeing into spirit with clairvoyance and keeping this insight more undisclosed.

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Upgrade Your Intuition

Are you ready to fix your frequency to the intuition that is waiting for you? Hopefully, these barriers to stepping into these spiritual waters have made it more comfortable for you to trust intuition more. If you’re looking for more ways to go deeper into intuition or the spiritual path, feel free to check out my Instagram, as I upload inspiring spiritual content daily.

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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