Cyndi Dale with books describing golden kundalini energy

There is a Golden Kundalini Energy

Every yoga practitioner is aware of the often blazing and oh-so desirable Shakti kundalini. This is the red serpent who winds her way up the spine to clear and clarify. But few know about a different kundalini, golden in hue and gentler in impact.

I wish I had known years ago about the golden (not only red) kundalini, especially when I first started practicing yoga.

At the time, I was six months pregnant.

I was dreadfully scared of accidentally setting off an inflammatory situation, the kind the upward climbing serpent is known for creating. Can you imagine? I already felt like a huge bowling ball—but to be turned into a cannon ball? That would have been overwhelming.

The Gentle Energy of Golden Kundalini

When someone is seeking a kindly interaction with kundalini, though one equally powerful, I now encourage them to associate with the golden kundalini. They don’t need to ignore their interactions with—or aspirations for—an awakening or rising of the red kundalini. The golden is the other side of the red kundalini coin, however, and a beautiful link to physical healing and spiritual gain all by itself.

Book Cover of Advanced Chakra Healing

As I explore in my upcoming book, Advanced Chakra Healing, a plumped-up version of a book by the same name I wrote 15 years ago, many kundalini experts perceive the kundalini sequence as starting with a ball of energy opening in the first chakra to rise into the seventh or crown chakra. This flame, often equated with the feminine divine power of the Shakti goddess, is first seen as red. It slides up the spine through a network of subtle energy channels called the nadis, equated with the neurological system. Crisscrossing at the chakras, the advancement is often envisioned in the form of an uncoiling snake.

The Love Story of Kundalini Rising

The storyline is often considered a love tale, which too often ends with the feminine Shakti meeting with her male consort Shiva at the crown. That is merely the beginning of the plot, for at this point, a series of events occur that involve the downward movement of energy into the body, all beginning with the formation of a substance produced by the Shakti and Shiva. A golden nectar. This nectar is the foundation of its own form of kundalini, which I call golden kundalini. While the two forms of kundalini are inseparable, they are also unique.

Effects of Kundalini Energy

Research suggests that the rising red kundalini produces true biological effects. Jana Dixon’s amazing and complete book, Biology of Kundalini, explores systemic responses to a serpent kundalini activation. Basically, there are significant alterations in every bodily system, including the immune, neurological, cardiovascular, endocrine, and more.

My own research, shared in my book, suggests that the golden activation also alters the biochemistry of the body. I use the term enlightenment body/bodies to describe the bodily regions that transform with the falling of the golden kundalini, to include the following.

Transformation through the Movement of Golden Kundalini

  • Quantum-scaled microtubules. Tiny tubes in certain brain neurons that link us to the universe.
  • The pineal gland—and a throat duct. Once the golden kundalini begins to descend, both the pineal gland and a small duct at the back of the throat begin making METAtonin (not melatonin). This hormone enables out-of-body experiences and the unification with the Oneness.
  • The caudate nucleus. This head-based organ is part of the basal ganglia and associated with executive functions, prayer, and mysticism. Activation by the golden kundalini might also galvanize millions of “psychic antennae” into action, triggering various forms of ESP.
  • Melanin and neuromelanin. At baseline, melanin is a dark pigment found in the hair and iris in people and animals, but also bacteria, fungi, plants, and interstellar space. Neuromelanin is a form of melanin that appears as we age and is found in granules in neurons. Both are possibly involved in the evolution of our spirituality. With the falling of the golden kundalini, they can enable the transmutation of energy from lower to higher states and the spin of transition metals, certain elements that result in high-level healing. The golden blessing that I most like to receive is spiritual, however. As the golden kundalini washes downward and through our body, we can better live our lives according to spiritual law, which starts and ends with Divine Love.

Are you ready to experience the flow of this golden kundalini?

It is perfectly safe to do so. You can follow this short process.

Practice to Experience Golden Kundalini

Take a few deep breaths and enter a meditative state. Acknowledge that your Higher Power or your own higher self will manage this process.

Ask to sense the rays of light that always fall gracefully upon you from the heavens. Silently give permission for these to stream into your crown chakra and to next awaken the amber nectar that lies within. Only the perfect amount and intensity of this liquid will be created for this moment in time. When ready, the heavenly light mixes with the nectar to formulate a beautiful golden flow of energy, which now streams downward through your body.

As it spread throughout, you sense the stimulation of the body’s enlightenment systems, and an activation of your spiritual knowledge. Serenity and peace become your heart-mates. Enjoy this flow of joy until you are ready to return to your everyday life.

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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