SFO Yoga Room 2On Thursday, January 26, in true San Franciscan revolutionary nature, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opened the airport’s own “Yoga Room.” This is the first of its kind in the country. This Zen den is located in Terminal 2, adjacent to the Terminal’s Recompose area. It’s a miniature version of a bona fide studio, equipped with hardwood floors, Yoga mats, and full-length mirrors.

In 2010, SFO, the Bay Area’s largest airport, was voted “North America’s Best Airport” by passengers for its modern and efficient facilities and it’s multi-modal transportation systems. Now, the airport has stepped up its game by inaugurating the first ever Yoga Room in an airport. At the ceremony, Airport Director John L. Martin officially opened the room, designed specifically for travelers to relax and enjoy a transcendent experience before or after flying through the air.

Anyone who has flown knows that nothing sounds better than a nice stretch to fend off the stiffness and maybe even some movement to shake off the stagnation. We’re used to seeing people huddling into the small outside smoking corners of airports in attempts to ward off traveling stress and anxiety, but we all know this only does more harm to the body and soul. Now is the time to replace bad habits with the good. With the grace and goodwill of SFO directors and staff, the Yoga Room has been created to do just that, providing travelers a space to find true peace amidst traveling chaos.

By Vanessa Harris