Party in Your Mouth

Bringing together health, food, and fun with Charles Chen
LA YOGA: You describe your events as being a “Party in Your Mouth.” Where did this idea come from?

Charles Chen: An audience […]

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Eating for Happiness

Looking for a natural mood enhancer? A shift in diet may influence your brain’s feel good chemicals.
The pursuit of happiness will take you down many roads, through many relationships, jobs, […]

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Soups and Salads for Spring

Soups and Salads are more than side dishes.
Combined—or even alone—they can make a satisfying and savory meal. They also allow us to include antioxidant and nutrient-rich vegetables to our daily […]

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Entertaining for the Holidays

Healthy holiday comfort foods, as rich in flavor as in nutrition

by Diana Stobo


The holidays are the season for comfort foods, yet many of the standard comfort foods are heavy on […]

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Plant-Based Paleo


by Jenna Zoe

Photos by Clare Winfield

What is Plant-Based Paleo?
With so many diets out there, it’s near impossible for any of us to decide how to eat. When you consider […]

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5 Potent Superfoods to Power up your Kitchen

by Julie Morris
Superfoods are simply the most nutrient-dense, benefit-rich foods found in nature.
Per calorie, these foods offer exceptionally high quantities of healthy goodness; and when you incorporate these special ingredients […]

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How to Snack to Strengthen Brain Power

Many plant-based foods provide the essential high-quality fats, proteins/amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that your brain, like any organ, needs to function optimally. But which living-cuisine selections offer brain-boosting nutrients?
Blueberries, […]

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Yogi Food: Vegan Green Recipes

It’s Easy Being Green – try Vegan Green Recipes by Aaron Ash
I’ve heard it said that every plant is a medicine for something, whether the healing quality comes from its […]

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Cool off with raw foods

Raw Food Summer Recipe Essentials: Soups, salads, and a raw fruit simple mousse
As a passionate cook, raw food has always intrigued me; I love to experiment with new techniques, textures, […]

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Put Some Honey on It

Yogi Food: The many benefits of adding high quality, organic honey into your diet.
by Matthew Kenney

The far most important element of raw food, or any food for that matter, is the sourcing […]

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