5 Foods for a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart begins with insightful nutritional choices and continues with our habits such as calming the mind through meditation, opening our heart to love, and exercising—all are essential to […]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Lindsey Stirling

Some people are born with a talent so amazing, it seems to come from another world.  I was recently introduced to a girl with that kind of gift, and was blown away by what I […]

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Avocado Appetizer

Raw, Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Gluten-Free
I LOVE this recipe because it switches up regular guacamole with more exotic Asian flavors. Plus, it is a visually beautiful dish to get things started. […]

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Black-Eyed Pea Croquettes

Vegan, Dairy-free, Soy-free and Gluten-free.

By Mee Tracy McCormick

In the deep South where I live, black-eyed peas are symbolic of luck and money when eaten on New Year’s day. Traditionally, they […]

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Sommer Thome: Dancing All the Way to the Mat

You know how sometimes you meet someone for the first time who immediately feels like a good friend? That was my feeling when I first met Sommer Thome, an energetic […]

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Veggie Grill arrives in Encino

The expanding vegan/vegetarian restaurant chain, Veggie Grill, is now serving Encino, making it the first location in the Valley and the ninth in LA County. “We have had many requests […]

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Lydia’s Raw Green Gazpacho Recipe

Gulten-free, raw, organic, and vegan, some might say that Lydia’s Organic is the healthiest food around. This Raw Green Gazpacho is served best with Lydia’s New Rawkin’ Beet Chips.

Yields 3 […]

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Dosa Dosa’s Spiced Mango Lassi

One of our favorite items to serve at Dosa Dosa is this spiced up version of the traditional mango lassi.  A great accompaniment to a spicy dosa, this cooling yogurt and […]

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Creamy Leek Polenta Recipe

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Creamy Leek Polenta Recipe

The Buttery texture of the leeks and soft extra of the polenta culminate in creamy perfection.


2 tablespoons nondairy butter (such as Earth Balance), divided
3 […]

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Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

The 30-­Day Vegan Challenge

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Sweet enough for dessert, flexible enough to be sweetened less and served for breakfast, this is a favorite muffin of mine that is also the perfect accompaniment to a tea party or […]

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