About Allyn Cioban

Allyn Cioban knows the demands of a successful business career. She has directed the international headquarters of a yoga, healing, and research center with 13 franchises. She has been an executive team member at a multimillion dollar healthcare clinic, a development and marketing director and consultant garnering major gifts for several nonprofits, Allyn was president and co-owner of her own corporation (a franchise which utilized three-dimensional laser technology to create corporate gifts and awards), and she has successfully produced hundreds of television commercials, music videos, and movie trailers with award winning directors and advertising agencies, international clients and brands, celebrities, and major motion picture studios. Somewhere along the way, her body began to ache, she lost her motivation to keep climbing “the ladder” (and running marathons) and experienced depression. She stumbled into a yoga class and felt her fire reignite. She has completed four different types of yoga teacher trainings along with an IntenSati Leadership training, a Harmonyum self-healing modality training, courses on anatomy, low back, spine, and neck health, safe postural alignment and sequencing, intensives on yoga postures for seniors and osteoporosis, restorative yoga, and many classes and workshops on breath work, mantra meditation, and divine spiritual wisdom. Allyn has taught thousands of hours and students. She has created and teaches a curriculum for personal transformation, and is a 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500) with the Yoga Alliance. Allyn is grateful to have the honor of teaching others about the many benefits of yoga and sharing the unending gifts of the practice.

Seven Steps to Allow Your Desire to Manifest

Manifesting Desires through a 7 Step Process Taking the time to allow your desire to manifest is a multi-step process. The basis for this is a formula for conscious creation. This formula sets us up for a seven step process to begin from identifying your desire to manifesting your desire. Here is the beginning formula [...]

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