Vision to consciously create Your Best Year

The Law of Conscious Creation

When it comes to the process of learning to consciously create your best year yet, it’s time to take into account a few laws.

About 11 years ago, I learned that like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect are forces that are at play around us all the time. We take all of these for granted, as much as we take for granted the effect of the invisible force of gravity. We also take for granted the fact that we are attracting our lives, futures, health conditions, love relationships, and more, all of the time.

Most of us have been unconsciously creating our lives by thinking negatively, complaining and gossiping, allowing our emotions to run us rather than guide us, working hard to get what we want at all costs, and yet not feeling happy with what we’re getting. We’ve been going about things the hard way, and it’s ineffective and exhausting.

We Create the Stuff of our Lives

We humans have the amazing ability to literally create the stuff of our lives. We are the actors, directors, writers and stars of the movie of our life. As we write the script, we can look at the creative formulas to master. Just like in our yoga practice, these practices are simple—yet they are not easy. Creation takes daily work. The effects are cumulative and require repetition.

Like our yoga practice, the practice of creating our best life requires consciousness, awareness, and attention. Of course I am going to share this formula with you! I am also going to share with you a tool that I use daily which has helped me become the master of my destiny.

Step 1 – Ask for It

In order to receive, we benefit from clearly stating what we desire. Most people can’t answer the question, “What do you want?” To consciously create what we want, we need to not only know what that is, we also must be specific about it. Pay attention during the challenges you face. Times of challenge are times when we often develop greater clarity about what we want when we’re faced with what we don’t want.

Step 2 – Feel It

Once we develop clarity about what we want, we need to focus on it as often as we can. What we think about, we bring about! The thing is, we can’t be thinking about the fact that we don’t have that thing – negativity actually makes it get further from us. We need to spend time “feeling as if” the thing we wish for is already true, already here, already ours. Most things we want because we think they will make us feel really good. The key to getting those really good feeling things is to feel really good now!

I used to think I had to be able to visualize myself being and doing the things I wanted. This frustrated me because I couldn’t see the pictures in my mind and thought because of that, I’d never be able to get there. Then I learned that the powerful thing is not actually the visualizing, it’s the feeling that the image evokes which has all the power. We can simply look at images and words that represent the things we want, rather having to be able to create those images in our mind’s eye. When we are seeing representations of what we want to be creating, we must feel with all our might as if we are in the picture, feeling how we think we will when that reality crystalizes into our physical plane.

When we are able to think positively and clearly about our desire, and feel the joy of that thing as if it were already true, we become inspired from within to take actions that move us in the direction of the thing we want. We are magically in the right place at the right time; we make a call and get the perfect person on the phone to help us; a friend introduces us to someone who has the exact connection we need to make our desire happen. It truly feels magical when you are consciously creating!

Step 3 – Allow It

This final step is actually the hardest for many of us. We must allow whatever we are endeavoring to consciously create to manifest from the unseen plane to the physical plane. This takes faith and trust in the process and the universe. We have to let go of all negativity about not having the thing yet to release all resistance to receiving it. We literally have to have such confidence that we’ve done the work of clearly feeling it into existence that we just sit back and expect it to show up. Everything was once just a thought or idea in the unseen world.

One of the tools I have used to manifest my dreams is a Vision Board. Sometimes called an Affirmation or Manifestation Board, it is a wonderful tool to help clarify, maintain daily focus on, and evoke the feelings of specific life goals. Current science tells us that thoughts, like everything else in our universe, are made of vibrating energy particles. Thoughts create feelings, which are also vibrating energy, and they attract energy that vibrates at a similar frequency – thus creating your experience or reality.  Looking at your Vision Board often helps you vibrate (think and feel) at the same frequency level you would as if you were already experiencing your goals on the board.

Turn your  New Year’s Resolutions into realities with the help of a few amazingly powerful tools: your dreams, your yoga practice and a vision board!

Vision Board Workshop

You can participate in a vision board workshop: Yoga, Meditation & Vision Boarding for an AMAZING 2020 on Saturday, February 2, from 1:00-5:00pm at Santa Monica Yoga in Santa Monica. The workshop will begin with a Yoga and meditation practice followed by a group visioning experience, community time, and vision boarding. You’ll leave with a vision board that can help you have your best year ever.

All Vision Boarding supplies will included with registration. Please bring your yoga mat and come ready to practice and create!

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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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