About Abby Wills

Abby Wills is the co-founder and program director of Shanti Generation, a media program that guides teens to bring mindfulness into life: shantigeneration.com.

Shorty Yoga for Kids in Beverly Hills

  Shorty Yoga: A Studio for Kids Yoga Situated on the popular shopping destination strip of Robertson Boulevard is a space offering something entirely different, yet somehow completely kin. What is it? Shorty Yoga—a studio for yoga for kids, toddler, and babies. This polished space with a friendly neighborhood vibe welcomes families with children of [...]

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7 Practices to Cultivate Family Yoga Time

7 Steps for Family Yoga Practice Success Imagine how different the world would be if families regularly engaged in mind-body awareness and integration practices, like yoga and meditation. This could create time for everyone to be themselves, without judgement, in an holistic way. While it is admirable to want to develop a family yoga practice, [...]

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WHY Music in Schools

Music, Mindfulness, and Movement Go to School “I learned how much power music has and that it affects so much more of the brain…it has so much power over your emotions. It makes you feel happy when you’re sad and it makes you feel energized and calm. Different music can have different outcomes. It’s really [...]

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Cobra In The Classroom

Can Yoga Help Kids And Teens Learn? Have you ever found yourself wishing that the practice of Yoga were available to you as a child or teen in school? Fortunately, many kids and young people today will look back on their school days and recall learning downward facing dog and/or breath of fire. The benefits [...]

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