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Shorty Yoga: A Studio for Kids Yoga

Situated on the popular shopping destination strip of Robertson Boulevard is a space offering something entirely different, yet somehow completely kin. What is it? Shorty Yoga—a studio for yoga for kids, toddler, and babies.

This polished space with a friendly neighborhood vibe welcomes families with children of all ages to join the studio’s modern approach to yoga practice.

Parents and caregivers can drop off young ones, or stay and chill in the stylish seating area complete with La Colombe draft lattes, charging stations, and a clear view of the classes. Parents with pre-crawlers, crawlers, and early walkers can join the popular Mamastay classes at no additional charge.

Dope Kids Like Child’s Pose Too

Shorty Yoga founder Donna Delshad applied her background in branding and marketing in opening the doors of LA’s “really rad” yoga studio where “dope kids” can get into their “child pose, duh.” Delshad was inspired by her nieces to create what she calls a “simplified offering (think SoulCycle style drop-ins and packages, no commitments to multiple week sessions), where kids can practice and parents can take a breather.”

The teaching staff of six is quickly growing as more kids are on their mats. Consistent across classes are the lively music playlists pumping the likes of Justin Bieber, Feist and Daft Punk. Teachers tailor those lists to the energy of the kids in the room.

Shorty Yoga for Kids Studio in Beverly Hills

Props and Games for Kids Yoga

Yoga props like blocks find company among pint-sized fitness balls, colorful ribbon streamers, and a KidRobot mustached rabbit. Games like “freeze dance” let kids blow off steam in free-form movement between focused yoga poses.

Savasana and SHORTY

After forty minutes of active yoga, little ones are invited to savasana. The lights and music lower, bodies become still and kids enjoy a rare and much needed rest. To complete the experience, students are
gifted a bracelet. After each class, they add a bead with a letter of the alphabet that spells out the name of their own practice space: S-H-O-R-T-Y.

As the mantra of Shorty Yoga goes, “May your coffee be strong and your kids savasana be long.”

Where to Find Shorty Yoga for Kids in Beverly Hills

Shorty Kid Yoga
Beverly Hills
333 1/2 S Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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