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Celery, Beet and Carrot Spring Detox Juice This brightly colored drink offers the sweetness of beets and carrots, the saltiness of celery, and the peppery overtones of radishes, garlic, and black pepper. Parsley adds a refreshing touch of green. Spring is nature's detoxification and cleanse season. The sweet cheesecake, buttery pecan pie, and rich food [...]

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Community: New Doors

Yoga for Kids and Teens Santa Monica’s newest Yoga studio, KIDSREVOLVING, hosts a unique schedule of classes exclusively for children and teens. Customized by age level, the classes help strengthen visual, auditory, spatial, and kinesthetic awareness by engaging kids in a way their growing bodies and minds can relate to receiving and processing information. Studio [...]

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Colors Of Love

The Hues Of Our Aura Reveal Our Persona And Preferences In Partners What kind of personality are you? What are your goals and purposes? How do you process life – physically, mentally, or emotionally? What kind of marriage partner is best suited for you? What are your attitudes about career, money, family, sex? Valuable clues [...]

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Book Reviews

Philosophy Bites is a collection of short conversations with twenty-five prominent philosophers ranging over topics from animal rights, to philosophy, multiculturalism, architecture and atheism. Of particular interest is John Cottingham on what constitutes a meaningful life. He claims that a life worth living is one motivated by our individual goals and projects, but also modulated [...]

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CD Reviews

The opening notes of Magic and Grace set the tone for an experience that is both meditative and expansive with Jeff Andrews’ hammer dulcimer dancing with Adrienne Woods’ cello. The magic continues throughout Philippo Franchini’s compositions on the gifted musician’s newest album. Magic and Grace reveals the artist’s exploration of Nada Yoga – the practice [...]

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Finding Home In Service

Asking Questions About Devotion, Service And Finding Home With Aimee Schoof, Founder Of Amayoga My first time walking into a homeless shelter in the infamous Skid Row, near downtown Los Angeles, I felt uneasy. I felt the furthest from home I’d ever been, even though for many people, this shelter was home – at least [...]

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STOP Stop and breathe and listen to what’s going on inside Pause and feel and smile from deep within your soul Search and find and follow the path that calls your name Do nothing Be everything Stop moving just ... STOP. *2007 Word Is Born Dylan Barmmer is a writer, poet, performance artist and yogi [...]

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Give The Gift Of Your Heart

“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return.” —The Bhagavad Gita In the details of our days, it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning behind the moments. It’s easy to forget [...]

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California Laws And Complementary And Alternative Medicine: Naturopathy

Legal Corner: Ayurveda California issued its first Naturopathic Doctor (ND) licenses in January, 2005. Naturopathic doctors are primary care providers. They are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat medical conditions and diseases independent of a medical doctor. They can provide adjunctive treatment for cancer in collaboration with a medical doctor. The provider must be [...]

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Vegan Caramel: Decadence Made Healthy For The Holidays

Through deep exploration of the art of vegan cooking, I have discovered it is relatively easy to alter a traditional non-vegan recipe that requires excessive oil, sugar, refined ingredients or dairy to craft a considerably healthier, vegan version, without ever compromising substance, taste, complexity or nutritional value! By uniting the powerful dietary principles of Ayurveda [...]

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