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Book/DVD Reviews

If you ask a yogi or yogini what keeps him or her coming back to the mat, the answer usually boils down to, “It works.” The question now gaining prominence is not, “Does it work?” but rather, “How does it work?” Dr. Susan Smalley, Founder and Director of UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), and [...]

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Sundancing With The Muse

Feature Film About Shaman, Yogi And Artist Heyoka Merrified Premieres In Ojai The burning sweet grass smoke wafting from the Earth and Sky Temple (honoring the sacred masculine and feminine spirits) begins Heyoka Merrifield’s day. He lights his peace pipe (based on the tradition brought by White Buffalo Woman) which he hand-carved from pipestone from by [...]

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Yoga: Hobby Or Lifestyle

Being A Yogi On The Edge Thanks to Sara Ivanhoe, we announced an essay contest in the October issue of LA YOGA asking readers to write about the difference between doing Yoga and being a yogi. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful submissions and we hope you enjoy copies of Sara’s gorgeous DVD Yoga on [...]

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The Telluride Yoga Festival

Yoga On The Road We could say that practice occurs outside of any place, that there is nothing we need; we could practice in a cave, in the dark, by moving aside the living room coffee table. But we all know that the place in which we practice offers an added sense of inspiration. As [...]

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Hark The Herald Yogis Sing

Books To Gift Your Favorite Yogi On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Ten Kirtans playing, Nine Swamis singing, Eight Yoginis posing, Seven Tantrics teasing, Six Gurus gabbing, Five Pundits preaching, Four scholars scolding, Three tickets to the Kumbh Mela, Two asana mats, and a statue of Ganesh in a [...]

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New Doors

Yoga Works Now Open In Tarzana San Fernando Valley dwellers can finally practice their favorite asanas at YOGA WORKS’s newest location in Tarzana. In response to a large volume of customer requests, Yoga Works paves way to a home in Tarzana, says Terri Seiden, Marketing Director of Yoga Works. This locale debuts with YW-X, a [...]

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G.A.M.E. Yoga: Gifts And Miracles Everyday

Free Yoga For Children With Special Needs What have I been put here to do? It’s a question I asked after recently seeing Wayne Dyer speak. It has become clear that I am here to inspire and to heal, through teaching Yoga, and even more importantly, through giving back. Through seva. My sister wrote the [...]

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CD Reviews

At this point, Tina Turner could do just about any music project. She chose Beyond, which will probably not sell a million units. That says a lot. This is the same woman who, in 1969, taught Mick Jagger to be a proper front man. The fusing of Buddhist and Christian prayers is a bold undertaking. [...]

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New Doors

Yoga in the Fashion District THE YOGA PLACE is located in the California Market Center in the heart of Downtown LA’s Fashion District. “Knowing there are few studios in the area, I wanted to make Yoga accessible and mostly affordable to the community,” says studio owner, Denise Waling. The Yoga Place is a quaint and [...]

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News: The Art of Human Experience

The ancient and revered epic of The Ramayana takes us through the entire gamut of human experience: love, loss, adventure, betrayal, devotion, heroism, fear and back to karma, dharma and yes, love. It’s a two thousand-year-old sacred text that has been interpreted and reinterpreted around in the world and in multiple media. In this innovative [...]

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