About Colleen Gallagher

Colleen Gallagher is an intuitive business and personal development consultant. She has survived childhood cancer, is a global citizen, an advocate for everyone to have an opportunity to live their dreams and an academic who is currently pursuing her Ph.D is Psychology with a focus on Global Leadership and Change. She is an author of multiple books, including her latest release An Uncompromised Life, and the host of The Colleen Gallagher podcast. Her greatest success is seeing her clients fall in love with life by overcoming trauma and life challenges and create a lifestyle career that impacts the world. Colleen empowers leaders and businesses to come to a newfound clarity of their mission, so that they can better understand their gifts while taking calculated action to grow their businesses. Colleen offers these experiences through online courses, in-person retreats, her podcast, books and products. Currently, Colleen resides in Los Angeles, California.

How to Start Manifesting Love

It is Possible to Practice Manifesting Love The term manifesting has become a term that many people look at as new-age or woo-woo, or maybe wonder, “is this possible?” Manifesting is, in essence, the belief that you can bring your intangible thoughts, dreams and desires into reality by simply attracting what you think about. To [...]

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Why Learn How to Say No

Learning How to Say No Will Lead to a Life of True Emotional Freedom and Liberation Why do we want to learn how to say no? The art of saying NO is something we are never taught. Think about it. From a young age at school, we are told what to do. We start learning [...]

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How to heal from trauma through love, personal development and getting in tune with your body

Some Considerations to Heal from Trauma When it comes to how to heal from trauma, we must start with understanding. Many people do not know that trauma lives within the body – not just the memory within the mind. Trauma is caused by a stressful occurrence “that is outside the range of usual human experience,” [...]

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