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It is Possible to Practice Manifesting Love

The term manifesting has become a term that many people look at as new-age or woo-woo, or maybe wonder, “is this possible?” Manifesting is, in essence, the belief that you can bring your intangible thoughts, dreams and desires into reality by simply attracting what you think about. To most people, this seems insane because, well, can the thoughts we have be that powerful? This is the root of the issue. People have so little concept of themselves and lack the acceptance of just how important and influential they are. We become lazy and unaware of what voices we allow within our minds which directly impacts our relationship with ourselves and the relationships we have with everyone around us.

As I shared in my recent workshop Overcome Heartbreak & Forever Attract Love, the attraction part of love is the most fun and easiest, because that’s when we get into our flow and become carefree instead of trying so hard. However, arriving at a state of attraction is a process that occurs once we learn to bring awareness to our unconscious habits and release the toxic thoughts we allow to wander in our minds.

The power of manifestation is when you are alone in the coffee shop and you think, “it would be so nice if a perfect stranger walked in for a beautiful conversation,” then, in walks the beautiful stranger. Every moment is creating your future, your interactions, your opportunities and your relationships.

I want to focus on manifestation with relationships and manifesting love as there is such power in this. However, the power comes when we can begin to understand that we can communicate, create requests, and state desires of who we want to be with, how we want our relationship to be and what we want to improve once in the relationship with our minds more than our words.

Most people think that communication through talking is the essential key in a relationship. But people miss that we communicate through our actions and the thoughts inside our head. Which these forms of communication are more powerful than anything we can state to another person.

Colleen Gallagher

Three Steps to Manifesting Love: Putting it into Practice

Step one in manifesting love is to become aware.

Become aware of what you are stating about dating, the gender you seek to date and your ideas around relationships. Most people come to me craving a fairytale relationship out of this world, and at the same time, have so much hate in their hearts. Stating things like, “but it will never happen for me.” Well of course it won’t happen for you because deep down, you want something and have a conflicting feeling of why it cannot happen for you. So, it never happens. This is like going to the store to buy something and stating, “I want these raspberries, but it will never happen for me.” or, “I want the Chanel bag, yet I’ll never make that much money.” or “I want to help a lot of people, but I don’t have the money for it.” Each of these are conflicting beliefs. The first step is to become more aware of what you’re stating your reality to be. Because you’ll be surprised at how scary it is to notice how much you speak about what you don’t want.

Step two is notice your complaints.

In this step, start noticing how often you are nit-picking other people, your reality, and yourself. I often hear people come to me and complain that their partner never does this, this gender doesn’t do that, or in the past, they asked their partner to do something, and they never listen, so everyone must be this way, etc. I follow this up by asking, have you stopped asking them to do something and instead become happy with what is already in the relationship? Do you show gratitude and appreciation for any of the good things occurring or is there always one more thing that needs to arise out of a nag, or that must happen, so happiness, peace and joy occur between the two of you?

This reoccurring pattern of feeling like the partner is never doing enough or not listening is because communication is happening through language instead of through the mind. So, you want to begin to think about what you would like to see happen, then start to act in a state as if that desire you have is already done. Do this consistently over a period, then quite quickly, the Universe and your relationships will match your energy because you become complete without needing someone else to do something for your mood to shift.

When you enter this state of controlling your emotions, you become self-empowered and everyone realigns to support you, guide you and fulfill you even more because you are the example of how you want to be treated.

Step three is to create the habit of speaking in the present.

I recommend making this short exercise a habit if you want to practice manifesting love. Try this exercise out even if you’re skeptical over a short period of time to begin seeing if manifesting will work for you to attract love. However, I’ve never had one person start this habit in their life consistently where the results haven’t arrived. This exercise can be done alone, but I always find it fun to include a few friends, whether texting or phone calls, etc. Instead of stating or talking about your reality how it is right now, begin to articulate how you want your reality. However, this MUST be in the present tense.

For example, my girlfriends and I will call each other and say things like, “It feels so amazing to go on the best date ever, he picks me up, fantastic sushi, picks the bill up, takes me home so nicely, and the kissing was terrific!” Even though there is no date planned, there is no man, there is no sushi restaurant. My girlfriends and I talk about it as if it’s already happening. Guess what? It almost always happens. Why? Because our mind, from a neurological standpoint, is starting to see that we can create an unknown reality, so the neurons begin to morph our reality and begin to see what we’re talking about.

This can happen with the attraction of love, money, relationships, jobs, et cetera. I always say give it a try; the worst thing that can happen is you can say I tried, and it didn’t quite work.

However, if you do it from your heart with consistency, your fairytale life will be birthed every day repeatedly to become better than you dreamed every waking moment of your life.

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