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Plus, you get honey

Urban Beekeeping in LA is an important part of the Ecology of Saving Bees Images by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer It was 2006 when we first heard something really bad was happening to bees, yet no one could agree on what was causing their populations to decline so rapidly. By fortunate chance one thing did work in their [...]

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The Value of Saving Seeds

M.C. Byles didn't start out saving seeds. He went to work picking cotton when he was four years old. He didn't have an education; he didn't even attend third grade. Through wily inquisitiveness, he ended up as a truck mechanic at the base of a massive mountain in West Virginia where heavy-duty mining and logging [...]

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Grow Your Own: Container Gardening

Creative Container Gardening Nourishes Ourselves And Our Earth NOTHING COMPARES WITH THE TASTE of freshly picked, vine-ripened, home-grown tomatoes. Sweet, juicy, delicious, colorful, bursting, it’s something special. Even the most organically grown, farm fresh produce isn’t quite the same as the loving care we take with growing our own food. While we may long to [...]

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