Family Friendly Power Food

Nutritious Family Meals Made Easy When we’re jugging multiple responsibilities, caring for ourselves and our families, negotiating work, trying to fit our yoga practice in, and any number of other obligations, we need our food to have enough power to fuel us effectively. Fortunately, even fun and easy food can be nourishing and support our [...]

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Restorative Rolling

A Restorative Foam Rolling Sequence for Self-Care Self-care may sound indulgent, but the fact is that it’s never been more important than it is today. So much of our physical state is a result of the stress and tension we carry around on a day-to-day basis. When we’re stressed, we store up toxins and our [...]

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Supporting Community Through Movement and Play   by Andrew Sealy Imagine a practice where students literally and figuratively elevate one another. A practice where creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and working together to shape effortless union is the goal. A practice that draws hundreds of yogis to a 40 x 40 foot square lawn, notably [...]

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The Rise of Shakti

Seeing the Sacred Feminine in Spirituality at the Parliament of World Religions There is a shift beginning to emerge in disparate corners of the world: the rise of the feminine archetype. We see it in politics, business, and pop culture. Like Katniss Everdeen, a modern-day Artemis in The Hunger Games, women are fighting to preserve [...]

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Newsletter December 22, 2015 “Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Music and Meditation”

December 22, 2015 E-News from LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine December 2015 | ISSUE 293 December 2015 On the cover: Matt Hodges Photogrpahed by: Amy Goalen From the Editor Once we pivot on the timestamp of the Winter Solstice, the days start becoming longer. It happens in such an incremental manner that we may not [...]

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Offer more than Thanks

Sharing a Shamanic food blessing ritual by Clytie Lane Some people pray, others sing, some meditate quietly, others offer food. Blessing and giving thanks for the fare on our table has long been an integral part of our celebrations and traditions and there are so many diverse ways to offer this reverence for Nature’s abundance. [...]

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Rooted In Peace Closes the Awareness Film Festival

Rooted in Peace Film Review Directed by Greg Reitman World peace. It can seem like a cliche, the mysterious Holy Grail, what we answer when asked our deepest desire, the expected quote from a beauty pageant contestant. The documentary Rooted in Peace asks this question: What will it take for people to create a world [...]

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