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About Jenn Tarrant

Jenn Tarrant is a Phoenix-based C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit Training Systems, and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach. She enjoys guiding students through deeply transformative experiences with the simplicity and ease of yoga. Jenn is available for private consultations locally and virtually. You can contact her directly: [email protected] or visit her website: for more information.

5 Post-Retreat Practices for Vitality

Tranquility bathtub at CIVANA Carefree. Vitality is a Daily Practice While we all love to experience a getaway that helps us to hit the reset button, lasting vitality comes from a commitment to post-retreat daily practices. CIVANA Carefree Program Supervisor Mariah Comer and Wellness Officer Rianna Riego offer the following five practices for [...]

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Self-Care for Healers and Caregivers at CIVANA Carefree

CIVANA Carefree: A Restorative Getaway When do we take the time to focus on our own vitality—as caregivers and as healers? How we implement self-care for healers is an important question and one I need to ask myself. It’s been an intense few weeks for me and my family. Lots of assignments at work, a [...]

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5 Practices to Support Healthy Feet

Photo of Ellette Craddock and her happy feet by David Young-Wolff. Rings by Sonja Picard. Bringing some attention and intention to our daily practices can help us have a better relationship with our feet. After all, for many of us, our feet are our point of contact with the earth. These 5 practices [...]

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