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Tranquility bathtub at CIVANA Carefree.

Vitality is a Daily Practice

While we all love to experience a getaway that helps us to hit the reset button, lasting vitality comes from a commitment to post-retreat daily practices. CIVANA Carefree Program Supervisor Mariah Comer and Wellness Officer Rianna Riego offer the following five practices for daily self-care.

  1. First, honor your body’s circadian rhythms. If you’ve traveled on a getaway, make sure to adjust to your local time zone as soon as you can in order to feel reinvigorated and not drained after your travels.
  2. Spend time in direct contact with the earth’s surface (such as walking barefoot or sitting on grass). This is known to help combat jet lag through a process known as “grounding.”
  3. Recreate nourishing rituals at home. Try writing in a gratitude journal as you savor your morning coffee or tea. Wind down your day with a soothing bath before bed to help you feel connected to a sense of rhythm and security.
  4. Practice conscious eating. Nourish your body by savoring each sip of a drink or bite of food. What and how you feed your body is just as important as what and how you feed your soul.
  5. Finally, plan your next retreat! Get your vacations and down time on the books before anything else has a chance to crowd it out. Reflect on what you’re looking for so you can maximize the benefits of the experience.

Choose your self-care vacation so that it supports your life back home. Sometimes we view our getaways and our daily routine as two separate activities. The more you integrate wellness on an ongoing basis, the more you will experience vitality, and the more the experience of a retreat will have a lasting positive impact.

Restorative Retreat for vitality at CIVANA Carefree

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