About Jessica Malloy

Jessica Malloy is a freelance writer torn between the California Coast and Kentucky Countryside. Aside from Yoga, she spends as much time as she can in the sunshine rock climbing, water skiing, and traveling.

Teacher Profile: Kathleen Ross-Allee

Kathleen Ross-Allee provides yoga therapy for the recovery and healing process of cancer patients. Photos by David Young-Wolff Before she became a yoga therapist or even a fitness and wellness professional, a friend asked Kathleen Ross-Allee to substitute teach for her aerobics class, even though at the time, Kathleen was a fitness enthusiast with no experience [...]

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Sender One’s Yoga Studio

In the corner of the new Sender One climbing gym, a Yoga studio exudes a feeling of tranquility and calm. You could hardly guess that just outside the doors there are people pulling hard on the rock walls, pushing themselves to their physical limits. Sender One is owned by Chris Sharma, one of the strongest [...]

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Yoga Moods 2

compiled by Beth Shaw Sequoia Records If you have been looking for something to freshen up your yoga playlist, or something to turn on when you want to unwind at home, the new compilation Yoga Moods 2 offers a solution that cultivates an chill ambiance. This album flows with songs that are perfectly suited for [...]

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Caroline Klebl: Returning to the Source

The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga include powerful disciplines and practice; among the most familiar is the third, the asana practice. Many people can spend their entire lives sitting comfortably on this branch of Yoga, never striving to climb to the top, where enlightenment, or Samadhi, waits like a ripe apple waiting to be picked. [...]

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Shala Santosha Yoga, Yorba Linda

In Sanskrit, Shala is translated as ‘house’ or ‘room’, and Santosha means ‘contentment.’ Owner and founder Christina Martini knew she wanted to create a space that would offer contentment. Having worked as a nurse with cancer patients in Guam for three years, Christina saw the thera-peutic effects of Ashtanga with her own patients and knew [...]

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Unfold Yoga Orange County

Unfold Yoga’s owner April Lovett wanted to open a studio where she could develop an environment of security, intimacy, and community. The small class sizes allow the teachers to connect with new students and help eliminate some of the intimidation that can be present. With this in mind, April created a Yoga Basics workshop that [...]

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Climbing Beyond Fear

Stretching Ourselves to Grow the Inner Child In both rock climbing and Yoga, there is always a possibility of losing one’s balance and falling. Both practices allow us to push our limits. We can see the world from upside down or from high places and return to our child-like fearlessness -- as kids, if we [...]

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