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Joni Yung loves finding things to do around LA -- especially ones that are free and good for you. Follow her on Twitter at @ayogist

Radha Yoga Los Angeles

  Radha Yoga hosts yoga classes for all levels of student in South Los Angeles. Los Angeles has earned the reputation of being the mecca of all that is yoga, with luxurious studios as gathering places of the well-trained and the well-groomed. For the yoga novice, however, the thought of setting foot in these hallowed [...]

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Inspired by the Sunday ciclovías, or bikeways, in Bogota, Colombia, where streets are blocked off to automobile traffic allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and street performers to take over, a small group of bike enthusiasts banded together with environmental activists and urban planners to bring the concept to LA. After months of persistent lobbying of local government [...]

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Hollywood Power Yoga: Your Sanctuary in the City

Opened on June 8 of this year, Hollywood Power Yoga is an intimate studio located at the busy corner of Wilton and Fountain Avenues in the heart of Hollywood. HPY founders Liz Espersen, Sean Hanley, Caitlin Talbot, and Henry McMillan are yoga teachers and good friends who had a vision: to create a cooperative where [...]

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We Are The Champions

Joseph Encinia   Yoga On The Road To The Olympics...   For some people, it’s puzzling: “Yoga is not a competitive sport,” they say. For others, the road to the Olympics is paved with determination and the desire to see the practice become a fully integrated part of one of the world’s largest [...]

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Coloring the Chakras With Restorative Yoga

My daughter was sitting on my bed when I returned home from a Yoga class. “What’s that on your pants?” she asked. I did a quick scan for food stains. I couldn’t find anything. She pointed. “That thingie on the back of your pants...” I looked in the mirror and saw what she was referring [...]

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