Radha Yoga hosts yoga classes for all levels of student in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has earned the reputation of being the mecca of all that is yoga, with luxurious studios as gathering places of the well-trained and the well-groomed. For the yoga novice, however, the thought of setting foot in these hallowed halls can be an intimidating experience.

When Radha Yoga owner Kaitlin Ferrell first moved to LA, she found herself in that same situation. While she craved a regular practice that would keep her body limber and her mind balanced, she felt uneasy going mat-to-mat with students in a group yoga setting. After getting by on YouTube and DVD yoga classes, she finally gathered up the courage to take a class at her local gym. It was only after meeting up with a very supportive and encouraging teacher that she finally felt worthy enough to join a class at a well-established yoga studio. Since then, her practice has blossomed so much that shes now a yoga teacher with her own yoga studio.

Radha Yoga was created to be a welcoming and authentic community where everyone learns and grows together. Yoga classes and workshops are taught by seasoned teachers handpicked by Kaitlin herself; they include Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Sound Bath Restorative classes. The cozy second floor space is adjacent to USC, Pico-Union and South LA, and as Kaitlin observes, “It’s so cool to have classes where the (USC) students and the locals are doing yoga together.” She adds, “Beginners are offered modifications and the more experienced are given options. And since we can only fit so many into our small space, everyone gets individualized attention.”

Drop-in classes are $10; packages and donation classes are also available.


Radha Yoga Los Angeles

2316 1/2  Union Avenue #1 (2nd floor)

Los Angeles, CA 90007



By Joni Yung, blogger-turned-host of the Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist podcast, who wishes she had more hours in the day to practice more yoga: yogachatshow.com.

Joni Yung loves finding things to do around LA — especially ones that are free and good for you. Follow her on Twitter at @ayogist