About Kathleen Ross-Allee

Kathleen Ross-Allee, C-IAYT is Managing Director for the LMU Yoga Therapy Rx Program. Kathleen has developed yoga therapy programs to support cancer treatment and she teaches a weekly gentle yoga therapy class for people with Parkinson’s Disease, which she offers free at Liberation Yoga in LA: leenbodies.com.

Liberation Yoga has a New Home

“We’ve moved!!!” says Liberation Yoga Co-Owner Christine Burke. It is not an easy thing for a yoga studio to do, but Liberation Yoga has changed locations after 15 years. And successfully. Creating Community on La Brea in LA For 15 years, Liberation has lived in the heart of LA on La Brea. They’re still on [...]

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The Yoga Healer Remedies for the Body, Mind, and Spirit By Christine Burke

The Author Healer Author Christine Burke demonstrates yoga poses in the garden at Liberation Yoga in Hollywood. The Yoga Healer draws you in to believe that there is truly a “yoga healer.” Through this book you are given the gift to empower your own healing powers through yoga. Guided by the ever-inspiring Christine [...]

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