Christine Burke The Yoga Healer

The Author Healer Author Christine Burke demonstrates yoga poses in the garden at Liberation Yoga in Hollywood.

The Yoga Healer draws you in to believe that there is truly a “yoga healer.” Through this book you are given the gift to empower your own healing powers through yoga. Guided by the ever-inspiring Christine Burke, who is a yoga teacher, studio owner (Liberation Yoga in LA since 2004), wife (to her studio co-owner Gary McCleery), and mother, this stunning guide to a personal yoga practice will allow you to embark on a journey to wellness from the moment you touch the cover.

You will want to carry this beautifully designed book close to your heart as you follow Christine’s joyful expression of yoga. I was one of Christine’s students and I have long appreciated her gifts as a teacher. The pages of The Yoga Healer capture her skills as a teacher and lovingly share her exceptional insight.

The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke

The Yoga Healer is filled with humor, attention to detail, and easily accessible spiritual messages. I love the chapter headings that express an ailment I may be experiencing with an underlying positive affirmation as its subtitle.

In the section for Remedies for the Body, the chapter Tight Throat is accompanied by the subtitle: Feel Free to Express Yourself. In the section for Remedies for the Mind, the chapter Fear is accompanied by the subtitle The Other Side is Love. In the section for Remedies for the Spirit, the chapter Acceptance is accompanied by the subtitle The Gateway to Change.

Through this book I learned a new language to helped me cultivate what Patanjali identified in the Yoga Sutra as Prakti Paksha Bhavana, which is the practice of shifting our thoughts. The Yoga Healer offered tools to find the opposite experience of my most recent injury, illness, or worry.

In addition, whether you are a beginner or you have been practicing yoga for years, you will benefit from Christine’s extensive experience. This experience has helped her create mini-sequences that incorporate modifications to accommodate your current and specific needs.

The Yoga Healer Christine Burke

The yoga teachers who are demonstrating the poses in The Yoga Healer are long-time practitioners, colleagues, and students of Christine’s. They feature a variety of body types and unique expressions of the practice so the reader can witness how yoga appears differently on their bodies. At the same time, you see the calm and peace radiating from their practice. You want to join in immediately—and this inspiring guide allows you to feel that you can.





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