About Keren Eshed

Keren Eshed is an LA-based Yoga teacher, student, and a Yoga therapist in training who is passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga. IG @keren.eshed

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA: Building Community and Sharing Wisdom

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA Offers Solutions for Connection and Practice Part of the role of Yoga studios is their service as places of refuge and support to many on their path of enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The current footprint of how people are able to access in-person yoga is going through some major shifts in the [...]

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The Mindfulness Movement is a Documentary that Offers Solutions

Officer White Meditating 2: Officer Eric White of the Emeryville, California Police Department, meditates as part of a mindfulness program instituted by Chief Jennifer Tejada in order to help officers process trauma and increase positive outcomes with the public.   The Mainstreaming of Mindfulness The coronavirus has affected all of us in ways [...]

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In the Documentary Film Cunningham, a Choreographer’s Spiritual Practice is on Screen

“Dancing is a spiritual exercise in a physical form” - Merce Cunningham Merce Cunningham was considered one of the most influential and innovative modern dance choreographers. His work broke through the boundaries of classical dance and art. The documentary film Cunningham, by Alla Kovgan, invites the viewer to be mesmerized by watching a selection of [...]

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