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Laurel House is a born and bred West Angeleno, celebrity dating, and empowerment coach on E!'s Famously Single, travel and food writer, and most importantly—a new mom.

“I Love You…” Santa Barbara: A Romantic Weekend and the Three Words that Make a Relationship

  We had been dating for several months and it was time to take the next relationship step. The words had been dancing in our minds and even out loud (he let it halfway slip out when saying good night on the phone—that slip let loose released a flood of butterflies in me). We were [...]

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The Make or Break Vacation Date: Getaway with a Potential Partner to Carlsbad

  Private Pool in the Spa Suite at The Spa at Park Hyatt Aviara Sometimes a date over coffee, tea, or even dinner just isn’t enough time to determine if someone is playing games or looking for a forever partner. As a single mom, I have no time to waste and I’m ready [...]

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Single Mom Dating Tips

Dating is different when you have a child, and so are you—your priorities, schedule, needs, and your body. Your fantasy of forever has been busted open. You are on your own again, with a little one at your side. Speaking from experience, here are some single mom dating tips--along with questions to ask yourself and a [...]

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A Camera Captures Confidence–The Sexy Secrets of a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Photo of Laurel House by Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography I’m a new mom. Which means I have a new body, new curves, and a new C-section scar. I’m also a single mom and a dating coach, so I am aware of the life/confidence-shifting realities when it comes to being a new mom vis-a-vis [...]

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Tips for Family Travel

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to say bye-bye to relaxing weekend getaways. While traveling with an infant or toddler is definitely a challenge, if you’re smart about it, your trip can be stress-free. Where to go? Sure there are child-centric resorts, but with pools stocked with screaming kids and restaurants overrun by tots [...]

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Body Beautiful After Baby

Laurel House shares her secrets for shedding baby weight Is it vain? Well, maybe, but I admit that one of my fears before, during, and after my pregnancy was that I would not be able to lose my baby weight. Six months post birth and I now weigh less than I did before becoming pregnant. [...]

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Renewal through a New Momma Vacation

Not Your Mama’s Motherhood: Renewal through a New Momma Vacation By Laurel House Two weeks before I finally went into labor, I started craving a vacation. I imagined my non-pregnant body, barely covered in a bikini, tanning on the beach in Maui or Mexico beside a man I loved. But instead I continued to lie there, [...]

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Not Your Momma’s Pregnancy: Bag it Up

What to Pack for Delivery and Diaper Changes on the Go By Laurel House Being a new mom means an entirely different set of accessories than you may be used to carrying. From stocking the hospital bag, driving home after delivery, scheduling breast feeding, venturing out in public, and everything new to the routine of [...]

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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy: Nursery Needs

  Your little one is weeks from making his debut and suddenly you have become a decorating diva, despite never before having a ruffle, chevron, or gingham-patterned bone in your body. But before you get caught up in the cutest matching and themed designs you can find, let me fill you in on some of [...]

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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy: A Single Woman’s Babymoon

Indulge in a Babymoon, a pre-birth vacation to help expecting mothers enjoy the last moments of pregnancy. Walking has become more like waddling. Sleep, as much as you need it right now, is fleeting as you fight to find a position that’s comfortable. Every moment of silent relaxation is interrupted by the thought, “In two [...]

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