Your little one is weeks from making his debut and suddenly you have become a decorating diva, despite never before having a ruffle, chevron, or gingham-patterned bone in your body.

But before you get caught up in the cutest matching and themed designs you can find, let me fill you in on some of your nursery necessities.



The Furniture Basics

Changing Table, Crib, and Bassinet, Cradle, or Co-Sleeper

Forget the massive baby stores designed strategically to inspire your dreams of putting your baby to bed in jungle-themed or hearts-and-flowers-etched bassinets. You can save money by shopping for the basics at online retailers, cutting your expenses by as much as 70%. So, what do you need and where should you shop? My go-to is


Specifically, here’s what I purchased:

Changing Table: Badger Basket White six-basket Changing Table

Stock it with: You can pass on the wipe warmer, but stock up on plenty of newborn diapers (I love my giraffe print from Honest Co.). You’ll also need lots of wipes, plus diaper rash cream, shea butter or emollient lotion (if you plan on circumcising your son), changing cover, and washable changing pad. You may also want to keep a pacifier and soft colorful toy on the table for sensory distractions during dirty diaper changes.


Crib- Child Craft Parisian 3-in-1 Stationary Crib in Matte White

Unless they’re mesh, bumpers are no longer considered safe. Keep toys, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and top sheets out in order follow SIDS concerns. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cute. An overhanging musical mobile will keep your baby entertained with shapes and colors, and soothed with sounds.


Bassinet: Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet and Cradle with Toy Box Base

If your baby is starting off sleeping in your room, a bassinet is a petite sleeping option. Get one with a toy box base that you can stock with diaper-changing essentials for mid-night changes.


Cradle: Now & Forever White Cradle

Between a bassinet and crib in size, a cradle’s soothing rocking capabilities will ease your baby to sleep.


Co-Sleeper: The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

Let your baby lay right next to you in bed, but in his own little compartment that keeps him safe from accidentally rolling over.



Because You Can’t Go Home Without It: Car Seat

You’re anxious (and maybe a bit nervous) to head home from the hospital and start your life with your little one. But you won’t be able to take your baby anywhere without your car seat installed first. The Chicco KeyFit30 is the ideal infant car seat. It’s lightweight, reigns supreme in safety tests, and easily clips into an array of strollers. As simple as it may seem to belt your seat in yourself, it’s a good idea to have a professional do the first install and learn the do’s and don’ts so that you can confidently buckle in your baby yourself.


Clean Air

Creating a clean environment starts with air quality. Research has shown that polluted air can have lasting biological problems for infants, impairing lung function, neurodevelopment, and exacerbating asthma. Which is where an air purifier comes in handy. Rabbit Air’s MinusA2 has a HEPA filter that removes allergens (even from animal dander), can be whisper quiet, and cleans up to 800 square feet. Plus it’s anything but an eyesore—even stylish! A less expensive yet functional choice is the Crane Air Purifier. The petite purifier comes in fun baby-pleasing shapes like a shark and penguin.


Baby Monitor

Whether it’s a video or sound monitor placed on your baby’s crib or cradle, or even a monitor attached to your baby’s clothing, you will rest easier knowing your baby is.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to monitoring your little baby. Many video monitors hook up to your smart phone so that no matter where you are, you can see what’s going on in your baby’s crib. Try the Summer Infant Baby Link WiFi Internet Viewing Baby Monitor.


The Mimo baby monitor uses a sensor shaped like a turtle that you attach to the included onesie to send live audio, breathing pattern, skin temperature, body position and sleep activity data straight to your smartphone. You can also use the Mimo to track diaper changes, feedings and more to help ensure consistent care across different caretakers. Pretty amazing.


Diaper Changing Help

A Diaper Genie will save the scent of your nursery. Plus it’s a hands-free way to dispose of those many many many daily dirty diapers while keeping your eyes and hands on your little wiggling tot. Your little wiggler gets even more wiggly when laying on his back being changed. Unless you have an extra set of hands gently attach your babe to the changing table. How? Wiggletot Diaper Changer. The super soft cream-colored vest gently secures your baby to the changing table, while entertaining your infant with two soft toys attached to the vest. Changing your little man is immediately easier and faster without the fuss.




A tight swaddle has been shown to improve sleep, decrease irritability, and calm your baby. Ollie swaddle uses a Velcro closure and wicks moisture, making your swaddle strategy easier. And when it comes to an infant, easy is everything! You can also try the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle, a lightly weighted swaddle that is used to mimic a mom’s soothing touch that can help ease colic. Now you can exhale as both you and your baby are calmed.


Entertain Her

Sometimes you just need to keep baby occupied for a little while so that you can have a momentary mommy exhale. So how do you keep baby safe, in one place, entertained, and possibly hush him to sleep? Try the Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, a hands-free rocker complete with music and sound effects. Easily fold it up for easy on-the-go and storage.



Don’t go out and buy every single cheesy picture frame that will be an unusable eyesore after a few months. Instead, place your favorite mom and baby or family photos in a beautiful frame with longevity. I love the Beatriz ball fine metal by hand Giraffe picture frame. It will last a lifestyle and never become an eyesore.


Used, Borrowed, Pre-owned

Gently used baby supplies are perfectly acceptable and even welcome, particularly those items that only get a few uses. Since all babies have different preferences, there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on items that your little one will reject. If you have a friend with a crib, cradle, bassinet, stroller, or baby seat—great! Just make sure that: 1. it hasn’t been recalled, 2. You thoroughly clean it before use. Even swaddles, entertainment play yards and mats, and of course clothes, are great to pass on from new mom to new mom.

Thrift stores and discount stores are the ideal places to buy baby clothes. Make sure to throw in a trio of socks too. You want to always keep your little one’s toes covered and warm.


What NOT to Buy IF You’re Having a Shower: Swaddles, blankets, and bibs.

Friends and family who want to throw in a little extra inexpensive item into your gift will grab one. I got 20 swaddles at my shower!


What to Skimp on: Newborn clothes

A newborn baby at 5-8 pounds is very small, and chances are that your baby will either be born bigger than that, or they almost immediately outgrow it. Take it from someone who bought and washed a couple dozen adorable newborn outfits… that were never worn.



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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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Stay Informed & Inspired

Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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