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Mara Saranpreet Luthane is an actor, model, kundalini yogi & emerging writer in Los Angeles.

Live, North American Spring Tour 2017 by Simrit Kaur

The live album by Simrit Kaur is, in a word, amazing! Here you’ll discover riveting, somewhat haunting, and always surprising renditions of songs from her past four albums. If you’ve ever wondered if music could be simultaneously mind-blowing and soul-soothing, this album is your unforgettable answer. From the thrumming, groovy opening track “Prithvi Hai,” through [...]

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Original Light Book Review

The same devotion-filled voice of musician Snatam Kaur fills the pages of Original Light. If you’ve heard celebrated mantra singer Snatam Kaur chant, you were likely moved by her devotion-filled voice. In her desire to help sustain such inspiration beyond the concert hall, she’s penned a new book that guides people on “a path to [...]

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