Simrit Kaur Live

The live album by Simrit Kaur is, in a word, amazing! Here you’ll discover riveting, somewhat haunting, and always surprising renditions of songs from her past four albums. If you’ve ever wondered if music could be simultaneously mind-blowing and soul-soothing, this album is your unforgettable answer.
Simrit Kaur Live Album
From the thrumming, groovy opening track “Prithvi Hai,” through the trance-like “Pavan Guru,” the lilting, sonorous “Kudrat Kavan,” and the upbeat, can’t-help-but-dance-in-my-seat “Aad Such,” this live album sweeps its listener up in a literal sound current.

Whether it pulses towards white water (“Clandestine,”) or moves into a soothing eddy (“Kal Akaal”), it’s a refreshing journey every note of the way. The final track, “Guru Ram Das,” is beyond sublime, an angelic must-hear! Longtime Simrit fans will gobble up this album whole, and newcomers are in for a delightful treat.

Simrit Kaur Live: Her Voice and Her Band

Imagine that the Aurora Borealis could sing: that’s Simrit’s voice. Timeless, strong, and ethereal as a whale’s song. Next, layer in her harmonium and a masterful band: a dynamic bass, resonant cello, driving percussion and lyrical kora. The kora is a tall, stringed, West African instrument with a large gourd as its base. Many solos and graceful transitions on every track liberally highlight the musicians and their instruments.

Immerse Yourself in the Live Album

This Live album is a generous, two-disk musical immersion. It contains nine tracks ranging in length from 7 to 17+ minutes each.  Whether Simrit Kaur is singing a Gurmukhi mantra, or a song in English, the appeal of this live album reaches beyond the Kundalini yoga music genre. It is rock, world music, and frankly, “out-of-this-world” music. There’s a timeless, stardust quality to this album that defies definition.

To borrow words from its fourth track, “The Keeper,” Simrit’s double live album is, “Some new reverie that we will remember/I carry it home and keep it forever.” I trust I won’t be alone in treasuring it always!

This is one of those transportive albums where occasionally instead of merely listening to the music, you become it. Learn more and purchase the album here.