About Nandhiji

Tapasyogi Nandhi is a Siddhar mystic from South India. His life purpose is in awakening consciousness for humanity by way of his Visions that he unfolds each day. One  of his visions is the observance and declaration of Mahasivratri as the world yoga day. http://www.universalyogaday.org/ His website is: www.nandhi.com

Achieve Alignment and Enlightenment in 2021 with Mahasivratri

Transcend the World through Empowerment Achieve Alignment and Enlightenment on Mahasivratri World Yogi Day 2021   Once a year, astronomically & astrologically earth's alignment to planets, sun and the cosmology aligns to the possibility of all who do Yoga attaining enlightenment in a single night. Mahasivratri, the World Yogi Day, has been observed for thousands [...]

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Meditation Becomes Empowered on Mahasivratri

Meditation Photo by Sej Saraiya Mahasivratri is a Path of the Inner Pilgrimage of Practice Mahasivratri is a significant spiritual festival observed by millions across India. This time is dedicated to Lord Siva, who destroys everything that is limited. Mahasivratri holds the blessings of the unlimited, the Spirit. Lord Siva (Shiva in [...]

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Mahasivratri and Yoga

Transformation through Practice For a yogi, Mahasivratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga,” the time to transcend, transform, and evolve. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India for thousands of years. Based on the planetary alignment with earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex [...]

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