Achieve Alignment through the Grace of Mahasivatrati

Transcend the World through Empowerment

Achieve Alignment and Enlightenment on Mahasivratri World Yogi Day 2021


Once a year, astronomically & astrologically earth’s alignment to planets, sun and the cosmology aligns to the possibility of all who do Yoga attaining enlightenment in a single night.

Mahasivratri, the World Yogi Day, has been observed for thousands of years by yogis and householders as the most effective time to attain the full extent of expansion in Consciousness. Consciousness and unity with source is the goal of all Yoga.

Influence of the Moon:

The night of Mahasivratri March 11,2021, is based on the lunar calendar. During this period our consciousness easily condenses into divine awareness. From the yogic perspective, the Moon directly influences the mind and our consciousness. Each month, the new Moon and full Moon energies offer their own unique power as the Earth rotates around the Sun in its oval-shaped orbit through the year. Mahasivratri is a sacred vortex of time caused by the once a year alignment of Earth in correlation with the moon and sun; Earth and the planets and stars.

This is our time to Transcend the World and Step into Infinity:

The quest to greater potential is within everyone- and this big quest activates itself in destiny of time as Consciousness.

Siddhartha was torn by this deep quest to leave home & family to find the answer to this deep quest and be the Buddha, the Being of Consciousness. Especially in troubling and challenging times we are all forced to ask “Why me?” and seek the vaster solution of transformation & truth within ourselves to be Whole.

Yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices have a sole objective- attainment of Consciousness. The quest to want to be whole, to deepen our spiritual practice and to be the core of harmony & peace is the need to take an inner pilgrimage to find ourselves and transcend material form, time and space.

Attainment of Yoga


Yoga as practice, is the daily discipline of push and the sacred grace of the pull. For a yoga practitioner, meditator and seeker Mahasivratri is like a birthday, the day of awakening to the vastness of ourselves as Spirit- the newer consciousness. This is the time leading up to the night of Mahasivratri the most sacred time when all the Avatars, Himalayan and South Indian Gurus Yogis who are never seen by humanity emerge to participate in the great cosmic alignment with you.

How your Yoga and Meditation Practice can benefit from this auspicious time:

Mahasivratri is observed in general by staying up all night, with spine erect- so to receive the enlightening blessings. It is advisable to prepare for this cosmically empowering all nighter by starting our pilgrimage within.

Attain Alignment with Grace of Yoga

Siddha Yoga Guidance for How to be Ready to attain ultimate Yoga Consciousness on World Yogi Day March 11th.

Take the initiation to start the pilgrimage within and achieve alignment and enlightenment. Set your calendar to being with the full moon day Feb 28th, two weeks before Mahasivratri. You can choose to join us as we go through seven empowerment initiations and a program of preparation together.

Or create your own personal program and retreat.

On Feb 28th- On the Full moon, moment pray setting an intent to plunge within to dissolve into Lord Siva. Feel this moment as an initiation of Source where you are committed. Go to your Guru or visit a Temple or sit beside your altar and pray to be guided through the next 14 days into Mahasivratri. Pray that from this moment on, every breath is with the mantra


Let this moment be the Source initiation.

May Humanity Rise

Like the Full Moon waning to be the New Moon, we pilgrimage from human in limits to being the Spirit, the Unlimited.

Begin each day with light a lamp (to kindle our inner lamp) and end the day lighting the lamp–with mantras. Wake up with the mantra, be aware of each moment in the mantra fires, before sleep recite the mantras. Make the mantra fires a 24/7 inner heart song.

Detox the mind and body. Through the 14 days let go of the thoughts, the mind, the ego and all the attachment. Forgive others. Forgive ourselves. Let go of the past.

Have just nuts, fruits, fruit/vegetable juices and herbs. (Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner of the ideal herbs you could take.). Taking Ayurvedic herbs during this period amplifies their healing abilities.

Be in a nurturing environment. Surround yourself with higher vibrational Beings or be in solitude. Observe silence. Silence the mind and thought process through the joy states of mantra recitation and a meditative mind.

Each day go deeper within. Do pilgrimages to sacred places if possible. At the end of each day, celebrate the inner journey by way of doing a puja. (A puja is a worship of the Divine offering flowers, fruits and devotional love.)

Most important is to connect to the power of the ‘pull.’ This is the grace of yoga. Consummate the grace of Mahasivratri, the pull element by doing dharma/ charity/ heart’s service, and random acts of consciousness.

Drop all habits and addictions. These could be cigarettes, coffee, internet use, or even anger. Step out of the mind that functions in karmic imprints of the past.

Do the Siva Linga Puja to accelerate the journey into Consciousness. When we bring focus of the Infinite in the finite as by way of the Linga :Puja, we are following the path of the enlightened mystic Sages, the Siddhas.

Each day welcome the vast new crisp energies of clarity, revitalization, rejuvenation, and states of bliss. Witness the experience of bliss and joy that eliminates hunger and thirst. Be aware of the ecstasy of experience that increases with each passing day as the mind withdraws. Feel the need for sleep subside- without force and as naturally as possible. Let our meditative mind experience being a pillar of Light.

On Mahasivratri Night, enjoy the effortless ease of sleeplessness, bliss, perpetual energy, joy, clarity, and states of Oneness–the states of Turiya. Stay awake through the night doing your Yoga practice and rise in the morning renewed with pristine mind, body and spirit.

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Siddha Yoga Master Nandhiji


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