About Susan Currie

SUSAN CURRIE is a West Palm Beach-based poet with a camera. Her words and images have been widely exhibited and published. She met her muse some time ago when she discovered the ancient eight-limbed practice of yoga. Its way of life continues to inform and imprint the art she makes. The creative workshops she offers throughout the country share her signature approaches for practicing mindfulness in order to connect more authentically with one’s creative voice. Susan is the author of four books —Once Divided, Gracenotes, Breath Taking, and Superflow: Light Up the Artist in You (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021)—and the creator of CHARMCODES. website: www.susancurriecreative.com

Deep Healing is Possible: Inward by Yung Pueblo

The poet/activist Yung Pueblo is swiftly recognized among social media circles for the lean style of composition and design he employs. His posts take the shape of distilled down verse floating in a simple black and white typeface among wide margins. The technique lends to the reader a relaxed spaciousness of thought - void of [...]

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How Do You Take Your Mindfulness? To Go with a Collection of Meditation Apps

A Growing Collection of Mindfulness and Meditation Apps Allow Users to Access the Studio Anywhere Meditation photo by Sami Sneider Meditation--including people using meditation apps--is definitely having a moment. You can listen to the hum of instructions such as “Call on the breath, notice what you notice, let your thoughts come and go…” [...]

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Discovering Life Through Yoga: YOGA The Secret of Life Book Review

It is a constant revealing, a constant unlayering or peeling away, to find that essence of who you really are.   The artist Francesco Mastalia has traveled the world photographing tribal, religious, spiritual, and indigenous people. These past couple of years however have found him a bit closer to his home in Rhinebeck, New York, [...]

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Living Loudly and Proudly – Rocking Gratefulness with NYC’s Wise Woman of Fitness Halle Becker

I applaud all of these teachers.  You know the more people we can enlighten and help find a more peaceful way to walk on the earth.  I say power to you.  There’s just something really gorgeous to all this. Halle (Homegirl) Becker does not pull punches.  She wants the truth to "lead the way”, and [...]

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Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories & The Power of Transformation

“We’re in this together,” writes award-winning journalist Lauren Lipton in the introduction to her new book, Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories & The Power of Transformation. She and photographer Jaimie Baird seize the book’s pages to illustrate that conviction with unscripted images and candid testimony shared by an honest cross-section of real people and [...]

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Great Expectations with Natasha Rizopoulos

  Natasha Rizopoulos Photographed at her home in Brookline, Massachusetes by Tricia Gahagan. Natasha is wearing top by Hard Tail and pants by Jala Clothing   From Beachwood Canyon to Brookline, Massachusetts In 1996, while hiking the northern section of the Hollywood Hills, Natasha Rizopoulos had a “moment.” In that reflection, in the [...]

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On the Road with Raghunath

Portrait of Yoga Teacher and Bhakti Musician Raghunath by Susan Currie I’m on the road to an afternoon of bhakti (the yoga of devotion) with the former punk rocker and once celibate monk known these days simply as Raghunath. He traverses the world as a yoga teacher and musician spreading his message of [...]

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Jill Miller Maps the Body with Yoga Tune Up®

“We know our way around our cities better than we know our way around our own bodies,” says Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model and creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up®.   In the prelude to class, before the first encouragement to inhale has even been uttered, I can already sense [...]

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