inward by yung pueblo

The poet/activist Yung Pueblo is swiftly recognized among social media circles for the lean style of composition and design he employs. His posts take the shape of distilled down verse floating in a simple black and white typeface among wide margins. The technique lends to the reader a relaxed spaciousness of thought – void of any pressure to crack some code and extending a true feeling of… You’ve got this. Take it. Turn the page. Go.

inward by Yung Peublo

inward by Yung Pueblo

Pueblo’s new book inward (Diego Perez Lacera, 2017) is a curated collection of the teachings he has been sharing for the past three years on Instagram and Facebook. inward embodies that same spareness of his social media footprint, and his signature approach translates rather seamlessly to print.

I was first introduced to Yung Pueblo’s work when Elena Brower wove bits of his verse into an autumn workshop she was leading in the Boston area. As a poet myself, I was quickly struck by the absolute economy of his vocabulary, and also its power to prompt.

Skillful lowercase bursts such as… “i closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored.” And, “if you are far away from yourself, how could you ever be close to another?” Accessible wisdom – timeless and so piercing in delivery.

Yung Pueblo

The Story of Naming a Poet

The 29 year-old poet (whose birth name is Diego Perez) hails from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He writes under the name of Yung Peublo because “Pueblo” reminds him of his roots. It’s a word used in his native land in reference to the masses of economically impoverished people. And, “Yung Pueblo” (young people) keeps him recalling the youth of humanity and how much learning remains. “I want to help people understand that growing their happiness, building their inner peace, and reclaiming their power are all essential things that not only heal humanity as a whole, but will ultimately help us establish a more peaceful and harmless world. Your inner peace will literally become the foundation for a future global peace. Healing ourselves will not only help us live with less misery, but it will give us a new clarity that we can use to transform the world.”

Is Pueblo’s verse poetry, or is it some manifesto? Are his teachings mantras,meditations or affirmations? They elude labels yet exude a hint of all. Best to come and see for yourself. Clocking in at a portable 5 X 8 size, inward makes for a swell secret weapon to tuck into a day bag – refuge on the road.

More about Yung Pueblo

Learn more about Yung Pueblo on Instagram and Facebook @yungpueblo.