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Connection. It’s a basic human need that offers us feelings of being understood, seen, and loved. It’s a bond that helps us relate to one another and is one of the most rewarding elements in life. I believe that transformational festivals like One Love Fest create a pathway for this powerful exchange.

When can we actually attend a festival again? The time is now! Although many of the capstone events of the transformational festival community are not hosting live events in 2021, there is one conscious gathering that will be inviting attendees this Memorial Day weekend.

One Love Fest Invites Attendees to Arizona

One Love Fest will take place May 28-31, 2021. This year’s location is just an hour south of Las Vegas in Dolan Springs, Arizona. It will be the highly anticipated event we’ve all been waiting for — yoga, music, art, and you guessed it: powerful human connection.

The festival will abide by current COVID-19 guidelines. Every concert attendee is required to wear a mask at entry. It’s also advised that everyone keep a mask on them at all times, and to respect personal space and boundaries. If someone requests that you wear a mask, then you put on your mask! (Do note that Arizona is a mask-free state.) Although it certainly is a different approach to connecting with others, it’s also an opportunity to be transparent and communicative with our needs. And that right there, is authenticity, compassion and love at its very core.

One Love Fest Stage

Meaning and Connection found at Transformation Festivals

One of the most meaningful experiences I have had at a transformational festival is when I was teaching yoga with my camp at Burning Man. As we were in downward facing dog, an intense dust storm came through, practically knocking us all over! Although I was concerned with how it might affect things, I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone laughing and helping each other up. There was absolutely zero judgment amongst complete strangers. It was in that moment when I realized that there was so much love, acceptance and… connection. What I personally miss, as I’m sure many others do, is this type of magic that can only be felt at a transformational gathering. I crave those moments of unity in intimate settings, spirituality, movement, and freedom in a community of other like-minded individuals.

The Power of Love

“Love is the most powerful thought in the universe,” says One Love’s founder, Kenneth Schwenker. It’s refreshing to hear such a relatable statement from someone who truly understands the need for strengthening community, especially after such a difficult year.
Kenneth, who has a long and storied career in the transformational space, has always held a special place in his heart for immersive experiences where there is a shared love for connection, music, movement, and creativity. Where you can safely arrive “home,” peel back the superficial layers, and ultimately reveal to one another that we are all beautifully the same on the inside.

One Love Fest Sign

Good Vibrations!

As a festival go-er and yoga teacher myself, I’ve always appreciated the vibrations that arise from these types of festivals. These events offer numerous moments for us to explore, self heal, learn, and fully embrace our expressive freedom. Festivals allow us to do all this and feel safe and confident in a place of non-judgement and compassion.

Attend One Love Fest

One Love Fest will feature a full complement of music with genres ranging from house to kirtan. There will be multiple stages featuring well-known artists such as as Mikey Lion from Desert Hearts, Paul Oakenfield, and Desert Dwellers. The festival will have us all excited and dancing free under the moonlight! There will be various yoga classes, food venders, workshops, and camping on-site.

Interested in attending this weekend adventure? Visit for ticket information. Check out One Love Fest’s FAQ Page for any questions you may have leading up to the event.




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Stay informed and inspired with the best of the week in Los Angeles, etc. and more ...

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