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2012 Festival Lineup

Sat Nam Fest April 12-15, 2012. Joshua Tree. Unique Culture: Mantra and movement together are the hallmarks of Kundalini practice. This premiere weekend festival for Kundalini Yoga and music offers an in-depth experience meaningful to those who are Kundalini curious as well as long-term practitioners. Hundreds of Yogis will be together in a single track [...]

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The Telluride Yoga Festival

Yoga On The Road We could say that practice occurs outside of any place, that there is nothing we need; we could practice in a cave, in the dark, by moving aside the living room coffee table. But we all know that the place in which we practice offers an added sense of inspiration. As [...]

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Bhakti Fest

When in 2009, the first Bhakti Fest vibrated the desert sand with mantra singing in all the hours of the day and night; it was compared to Woodstock for its impact on a movement and a generation. Yet it could prove to become even more powerful, the way its impact is growing. This year’s Bhakti [...]

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Badger Festival: Woodstock Meets The Kumbha Mela

Some once-in-a-lifetime events leave an indelible mark on your consciousness altering the remaining course of your life. Two such events in my life were Woodstock and the Kumbha Mela. I was eighteen years old in 1969 when I attended the Woodstock music festival. Although my mind was considerably altered most of the time, I remember [...]

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The Ojai Crib Club

Amy Wong’s Fave Five Experiences This year, the the whimsical Ojai Yoga Crib, hosted by Kira Ryder, Alana Mitnick, Uschi Gibson and the twinkle-eyed staff at Lulu Bandha’s celebrates the seventh annual event. Attendees sign up for a selection of teachers who offer their experiential classes in settings throughout Ojai, such as Krotona/the Theosophical Society [...]

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Shakti, Bhakti

Bhakti Fest Rocks  “The Woodstock of the kirtan movement ;” this was the tagline organizers used to describe Bhakti Fest. This weekend didn’t have the mud, the nudity or the crowds, but the idea of Woodstock was conjured up (on the fortieth anniversary, no less) and it had to do with the christening of an [...]

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Connecting Through Kirtan

A New Experience of Community Waves lapped against the gentle beach in the darkness as I listened deeply to the ocean, and the lingering exhalations of the other sixty people around me. The moon was rising over the water behind Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh and Manish Vyas, who watched us silently with light in their [...]

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Vibrating Community: Music Festival Roundup

Joshua Tree Music Festival May 15 - 17 Joshua Tree Music Festival has teamed with SPACESHARE, a noteworthy carpooling website, unifying summer festival-goers and offering them opportunities to meet new friends, reduce their carbon footprint and save money on gas. Performers include Holland’s “must-see live band,” Kraak & Smaak, as well as LA-based Underground Orchestra, [...]

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Seed And Heard at Ojai Yoga Crib

Cribbing It in Ojai I was a Crib virgin before October. As a part-time yoga instructor in Carpinteria, I had heard from friends and students the wonders of the Crib. For those not in the know, Kira Ryder and the Ojai Yoga Crib crew at host studio Lulu Bhanda’s offer two-and-a-half hour classes [...]

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