Captain Fantastic Film Review

Matt Ross, an actor known these days for his role as Gavin Belson in the TV show Silicon Valley, is also a surprisingly deft director and screenplay writer. In his second feature, he has created a populous, intelligent, and heartfelt film titled Captain Fantastic. While the film may be a conventional intergenerational family drama-comedy at [...]

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Life, Animated Film Review

Owen Suskind is an unlikely film protagonist: autistic, dreamy, awkward, yet genuinely innocent and enthusiastic. The documentary Life, Animated follows this extraordinary young man on the brink of college graduation and independent living, while unveiling his life-long challenges and how he continues to creatively overcome them. This is a modern-day coming-of-age with a twist. At [...]

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Documentary Film Gurukulam Depicts Ashram Life

  Curl up with a cup of warm hot tea and steep yourself in this meditative and intimate documentary about day to day life in a Vedantic ashram in a remote part of India. Filmed partly ‘cinema verite’ style (where the camera attempts to just be an observer and not comment or lead the viewer [...]

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Dying to Know Film Review

I’m sitting watching the documentary film Dying to Know on my computer with earbuds in, tears streaming down my face. My daughter walks by, and smiles sympathetically (she’s used to seeing me cry). “Good movie?” she asks? “Good movie,” I reply. This documentary is indeed a magnificently moving and sometimes hilarious tribute to the relationship between Ram [...]

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Illuminate Film Festival

Sedona is an inspiring host city for the third annual Illuminate Film Festival, focused on spiritual, transformational, and conscious cinema. The festival for film lovers and filmmakers includes screenings, parties, panel discussions, workshops, and more. Check out premieres, docs, shorts, and features such as Maya Angelou and Still I Rise; Tony Robbins: I Am Not [...]

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Love Thy Nature film review

Love Thy Nature film demonstrates how we can connect with the power and beauty of the natural world. Love Thy Nature opens with a quote from Rumi, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth.” This documentary reminds you of just [...]

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SOLD Film Review

Jeffrey Brown's latest film, SOLD focuses on the topic of child sex trafficking. Child sex trafficking, as impossible as it seems, is a massive international problem affecting an astounding 5.5 million children each year. There are “more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history,” says director Jeffrey Brown. His new [...]

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Rescue Dogs Film Review

If you like talking animal movies, you’ll appreciate this indie effort about rescue dogs, starring actual rescue dogs. The film is a very broad comedy but with a movement behind it; to bring awareness to the cause of rescuing pets. Set in a fairytale fake southern California beach town (too perfect if you actually live [...]

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Sand Storm

Sundance Film Festival international feature Sand Storm is set in an Israeli Bedouin community. Media depictions of underrepresented communities don’t get much scarcer than films about native peoples, wherever they reside. The Israeli drama Sand Storm, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and focuses on the domestic crisis of a contemporary Bedouin family [...]

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When Two Worlds Collide

Sundance Film Festival’s When Two Worlds Collide won the World Cinema documentary special jury award for best debut feature. Conflicts over natural resources in the Amazon region have intensified in the past few decades, with indigenous peoples often facing encroachment of their ancestral lands from logging, mining, oil production and hydro dam construction. Sundance documentary [...]

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