Sitting Down with Jane Fonda

Staying Active, Staying Fit Millions have been introduced to home fitness as a result of Jane Fonda’s popular workout videos back in the 80’s — the first-ever home exercise videos. With more than 17 million sold, initially on VHS, her series not only launched an entire generation of leg warmer-wearing aerobics enthusiasts, it also set [...]

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RockStar Health and Fitness Featuring Ne-Yo

A Soulful Approach to Wellness: Moderation and Movement Ne-Yo is one of the hardest working and most talented artists I know! Even if you don't recognize his name or know his current #1 single, "Let Me Love You," you may be familiar with some of his other hit songs, "Miss Independent", "So Sick", and "Closer.” In addition to [...]

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Soulful Sarah

Food for the Soul Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld on Practice Sarah Neufeld is a powerful performer whose violin bow sings with a sense of drama, emotion, and the play of prana. This member of the Grammy Award-winning Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire is also an avid yogi who commits to daily practice on the [...]

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Sitting Down With Masood Ali Khan

Modeling Good Energy By Felicia Tomasko Masood Ali Khan (affectionately known as Moose) may be one of the hardest working musicians of the three-day weekend of the Tadasana Festival. It’s not only here when he is sharing his talent on the hang—a unique percussive/lyrical instrument from Switzerland; he often offers  music and mantra with Yoga [...]

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Michael Franti – On Stage and on the Mat

Michael Franti embodies the connection between Yoga and music, both through the messages and melodies and his upbeat songs, his collaborations with yogis like Seane Corn, and his avid personal pursuit of the practice. His newest album is The Sound of Sunshine, and he says this about music and the album: Music is sunshine. Like [...]

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Sitting Down With: David Newman/Durga Das

Stay Strong For the past seven years, David Newman (also known as Durga Das) has been traveling the world with his wife Mira and other band members (including beloved LA-based musician Philippo Franchini) sharing the art of kirtan (call-and-response devotional singing) live and with albums like Lotus Feet and his newest, titled To Be Home. [...]

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Sundancing With The Muse

Feature Film About Shaman, Yogi And Artist Heyoka Merrified Premieres In Ojai The burning sweet grass smoke wafting from the Earth and Sky Temple (honoring the sacred masculine and feminine spirits) begins Heyoka Merrifield’s day. He lights his peace pipe (based on the tradition brought by White Buffalo Woman) which he hand-carved from pipestone from by [...]

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Sitting Down With Musician Trevor Hall

Exploring The Divine In A Dive Bar “I just wanna melt away in all Its grace, drift away to that sacred place where there’s no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity” soulfully wails Trevor Hall on his single, “Unity.” This positive, hopeful and mystical perspective echoed in every Trevor Hall [...]

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15 Minutes (and 3 days) with David Lynch

MC: You don’t like to speak publicly. You like to stay home and write and cut films. Why are you here? DL: What brought me here? I think it was last year that it suddenly dawned on me that the David Lynch Weekend was an annual event. The Third Annual David Lynch Weekend, Exploring the [...]

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New Rising Son: A Perseverance Of Lineage

Far below the cloud forests of the Peruvian Andes, downriver from the place where the Ucayali and Marañón converge to form the headwaters of the Amazon, Orlando Chujandama Huazanga is calling the spirits to The New Rising Sun, a humble compound in a small village called Llucayanacu on banks of the Huallaga River where he [...]

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