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Joe Kara enjoys a double life working in music and teaching Yoga in Hollywood and the Valley. He plays a little bass, too. @JoeKaraYoga

Acceptance: A Journey of Mental Illness, Motherhood and Yoga

An interview with He Came In With It author Miriam Feldman about the immense fallout of her son’s schizophrenia. The schizophrenia diagnosis of Miriam Feldman’s teenage son, Nick, was the catalyst for an avalanche of turbulence, pitching her family wildly and permanently off course for over a decade, and unraveling any concept of a ‘normal’ [...]

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Awakening by Michael Hathaway

In kirtan artist Michael Hathaway's debut album Awakening he’s crafted a 10-song album respectful of kirtan tradition yet innovative in both its use of modern instrumentation and production techniques and its deft integration of traditional Sanskrit mantra. He also includes a plethora of musical influences fused together, including Indian classical, rock, pop, psychedelia, jazz, and gospel. The title [...]

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Live from Kula Space Music Review

Donna De Lory uplifts in her latest album Live from Kula Space. “Playing music is my yoga, it’s my bliss. When I play, I get lost in the music, my mind stops, I am in the moment, and I am free. This is a place I never want to leave.” This quote from acclaimed singer [...]

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Rising: EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project

  EarthRise SoundSystem latest album features musical guests Vishal Vaid and MaxZT. (Black Swan Records) The acclaimed production duo, Derek Beres and Duke “Mushroom” Schommer, aka EarthRise SoundSystem (ERSS), have combined their musical expertise to mix dozens of international and electronic artists. Additionally, they’ve released three acclaimed albums—two of their own music, and one featuring their remixes [...]

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Dub Mantra Sangha Music Review

  Dub Mantra Sangha is the aptly titled new release from musician and producer Joss Jaffe. Sangha is the Sanskrit word for community, and this release sees Joss bring together 15 guest musicians, representing five languages and three continents, to form a multi-cultural jubilee of mantra, musicianship, and creativity. Some of these languages are represented in [...]

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Music Review: Songs for The Sangha

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose Songs for The Sangha White Swan Records   Deva Premal and Miten, partners in music and life for over 20 years, return with their new release Songs for The Sangha- their first since 2014's Mantras for Peace. This new album showcases their reverent interpretations of sacred mantras, along with [...]

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Gravity & Grace 2 by Peter Sterios Shares Yoga for Longevity

By: Peter Sterios and Elevate Films Gravity & Grace 2—Yoga for Longevity is the wonderful follow-up to Yoga instructor and Manduka founder Peter Sterios’ critically acclaimed first Gravity & Grace DVD. Directed by Elevate’s Mikki Willis, it features unique customizable sequences set amongst the peaceful backdrop of the Esalen Retreat Center on the famous Big Sur, [...]

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Donna De Lory: The Unchanging

Donna De Lory Honors Spirit Spirit and devotion have always been prominent aspects of Donna De Lory's music. On her album The Unchanging, she beautifully builds upon this foundation. Crafted in honor of her late father Al De Lory, the album is heartfelt and touching, while also carrying an uplifting and spirited quality. This eleven-song album builds [...]

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Lili Haydn: The spirit of yoga in the bow of a violin

“Music is the universal language, literally rewiring the brain, resonating way past intellect into the chambers of the heart; and it’s my way of connecting with and giving love to the world.” --Lili Haydn Called "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin” by George Clinton, Lili Haydn has performed with, collaborated with, played with, and/or opened [...]

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