Pre-Cleanse and Post-Cleanse

Slowing Down and Revving Up Before and After a Cleansing Program When considering any type of cleanse, it is important to properly prepare the mind, body and spirit for the experience. Think about driving on the freeway and what it would be like to go from eighty miles per hour to standing still. This is [...]

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The Ayurvedic Magic and Mystery of Cleansing and Revitalizing The Body Will Heal Itself Our bodies heal themselves. They knit themselves back together when cut, they process, digest, detoxify and remove built-up material daily. But we do have to give our bodies the proper environment in which to heal and stay balanced. Sometimes that requires [...]

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Getting To The Root: Cleansing, Grounding and Centering With Dashamoola and Bala

Seasonal junctures can be vulnerable times, making them opportune for cleansing practices. I In the fall, dispelling excess heat from the summer buildup of the pitta dosha (fire element) and calming the vata dosha (air and ether elements) smoothes this dry, sometimes challenging season. Fall and spring are traditionally good times to practice panchakarma (Ayurvedic [...]

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Seasonal Cleanse: Jump-Start Body, Mind and Spirit

According to Ayurveda, seasonal changes are times of both vulnerability and opportunity, when we can release the past season’s accumulated buildup. Cleansing can jump-start our health: body, mind and spirit. I’ve wanted to do a cleanse for years, and considered joining some friends for the mutual camaraderie of a group master cleanse (lemon juice, cayenne [...]

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