Summer 2013 Astrology

The heat of the summer ushers in the intense energy of the warrior planet Mars during a  Mercury retrograde cycle. Stay active, stay cool, write, and meditate to receive the benefit of these energetic forces. July 4 There’s a high potential for arguments during the next month and a half, beginning when Mars enters Gemini. [...]

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Vedic Astrology June 2013

In June, a new cycle begins as the energy of the universe supports the study of spirituality. A longing for truth marks the New Moon while the Full Moon teaches us to harmonize the intellect and the heart. Toward the end of June, the beginning of a Mercury retrograde cycle indicates a good time for [...]

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Vedic Astrology May 2013

May starts off as a study in extremes. This shows the need for personal initiative to be driving our life. By midmonth, planets move into Taurus, bringing more ease and sharing. Then on the last day of the month, Jupiter enters Gemini. All things considered, this could be one of the most transformational months of [...]

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April 2013 Astrology

This month the self and the other are marked by the experience of both romantic and physical intensity. April 1-3 The month starts with inspiration and focus as the Moon goes through Sagittarius, aspected by Saturn. Sagittarius is an inspired sign, ruled by Jupiter, bringing idealism and hope. But expect a sense of optimism to [...]

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Vedic Astrology March 2013

March gets off to a bit of a bumpy start yet concludes with grace and wisdom March 1-2 There may be a lot of relationship pressure and intensity when Moon joins Saturn and Rahu in Libra, the sign of relating and harmonizing our energy with others. Both Saturn and Rahu bring pressure and stress to [...]

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Astrology Forecast February 2013

Vedic Astrology February 2013 The Yoga of Discrimination Rules the Month There is a high capacity for arguing and bickering with Mars and Mercury joined in Aquarius for the entire month. These two planets have a naturally inimical relationship with each other, as Mercury rules speech and Mars rules action. Impatient speech and unfocused action [...]

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December 2012 and January 2013 Astrology: Tender and Tough

The forecasts for December and January revolve around two lunation cycles in water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) -- can you say “emotional”? Also, the lunar nodes change signs, with Mars and Saturn both exalted. We will need to be both tender and tough. December 12 A 30-day cycle of greater strength in facing our fears [...]

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November 2012: Finding Stable Ground with Others

November 1 The month starts off with a lot of hope and optimism as the Moon, Jupiter, and the South Node are in Taurus. The Moon is exalted here, bringing a more settled heart. Jupiter connects us to teachers and greater wisdom. November 3 We must be careful of arguments and defending our ideas too [...]

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Dec/Jan 2012 Heaven to Earth Vedic Astrology

Among other things, December features a lunar eclipse in Taurus and Mercury moving direct (after being retrograde). Here is the week by week analysis. December 1 and 2 - The moon is in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo, bringing some restlessness between our personal and collective duties. December 1-8 - This week is dominated by [...]

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July-August 2011 Astrology

L.A. Heaven to Earth By Tamiko Fischer The astrological forecast for July-August is based on Vedic astrology and the Panchanga (Vedic calendar) whose five limbs include: 1) day of the week (Vara) 2) day in the lunar cycle (Tithi) 3) half-day in the lunar cycle (Karana) 4) zodiacal position of the Moon in lunar mansion [...]

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